Time to study?

wah. im quite bored these two days not including the outing with xinyi and all lah. i mean like nothing much to do. but luckily i’ve got work tomorrow at like 7.30? HAHA WOW. and im still paid as a casual HOHO

Got my working schedule last night and my team manager indicated the GOP and Alicia and I thought that it was the Grand OPening? but in the end it wasn’t. It was like General Operating Procedures? UH and its like super sian cos i don’t get to take part in the grand opening? Us with the RP interns as well. hopefully when i get back to work tomm there’s something for me to play? UH but tomorrow its team preview and i need to work i suppose? and seriously the clearing of REAL trash starts from there? HM see how it goes from tomorrow? Everyone says like wait until on the 18 then it will be time to worry? HA who cares. Hopefully the GOP has like a lot of things for me to take down so that I can add on to my portfolio.

Got my results today and its really really gross. uh i think i just gotta buck up. heard from a friend that SMU has interviews and the GPA to enter SMU is like 3.58 and NTU is like 3.62 and NUS is 3.79 (if i don’t remember wrongly). I’m interested in communications and I aspire to work in SPH? HAHA like yeah it has been a dream from young. ha lets see how it goes for internship. as long as i get pass with commendation it WILL and DEFINITELY look good on my portfolio.

がんばって Internship!

and its gonna be fun with Alicia, Felicia, Megan, Philip, Yee, Kenn, RP peeps and ALL. :D:D

Time to study?

3 thoughts on “Time to study?

  1. haha.. fun working with you too.. are we gonna meet tmr?
    cause i don think felicia gonna meet me.. cause i made her \dame angry.. i said something too fast when i was angry and i feel bad ..

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