I have not been updating since the team member preview HOHO. everything has been good. i tried all the rides in Universal Studios. The first thing at 9am on last sunday was that i chiong-ed to BattleStar Gallactica and took the ride with Megan and her mom.

Rides and shows I took and watched: BSG – Human/Cylon, Accelerator, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park Rapids, Canopy Flyer, Dino-Sauring, Shrek 4d, Donkey Live, Enchanted Airways, King Julien’s Party Go Round, Monster Rock @ Pantages. I only missed Treasure Hunters, Amber Rock Climbing and Lights, Camera, Action! which was quite wasted. Wanted to go Mel’s and eat but in the end i bought Churros cos i was denied entry as it was like already 1 plus : the thing ends at 2pm =.= in the end i went to celebrity cafe, wanted to look for james in the end he was busy scooping his ice cream and i bought a mango cheesecake and a croissant. I think i went home happy and sad. happy that i got to ride almost all the rides. sad cos there was not enough time for shopping and eating. then some more now interns and casuals got no discount at all unless we get the perks! card 😦 siann i shall see what i can do HUH

Internship was great i guess. Although we got a lot of discrimination by the public but who cares. as long as you don’t look down on yourself thats the most important thing. I saw the TP interns yesterday and a lot of them are sent to guest services and guest research LOL. Herman told me he didn’t want Wardrobe. =.= I’m quite fortunate that Im doing something I like (minus sweeper and TCC, of course). i get to talk to people, walk around my zone, laugh and smile at people who are on the BSG screaming their heads off when they are like made to go round 360 degrees LOL. but it was good that there were no code 5. and hopefully not. LOL. i was sent to zone 2 and i thought was a bit sian cos still early and not many people. but instead i think zone 2 is better without the rain.

Yesterday rained like 3 times and i was wiping down the bins and benches and i will not forget what the aunty did to me. fb*tch. :S aye can’t blame them. discriminating people gives you bad karma. Yesterday the managers like Claire, Yue Weng, Derrick, Fiona and Joycelyn changed into PS uniform. HAHA and they look really interesting LOL. and squeegee-ing the floors together with us LOL.

I think, If you can survive in Park Services, you can survive anywhere and everywhere. SERIOUSLY


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