Hi, i’m on off today.

Hi, would you like a group peek-ture? *scans you up and down* NO its okay.

OKAY, im super bored and i dunno what to write. and my internet connection is SLOWWWWWWW



i think we complain about every single thing. yesterday in office, i was doing the project thingy for michelle with alicia and qiliang and after we finished we really got nothing to do. then the three of us like went on google images to google all the characters in USS and laughed at it. we were so bored to the extent that we went to google universal studios Japan, orlando  and Disneyland HK and Paris. surfed the intranet and laughed at the photos that were taken LOL. and its like in office was super cold and downstairs is like melting hot. we are supposed to feel honoured that we are upstairs having the fun of the aircon but in the end it was like we wanted to go down and stand under the sun. ya, i know super contradicting. =.=

Saturday was the day that the universal globe stopped turning. and i made friends with the engineer and the contractor uncle. it all started when the engineer uncle asked me to guard that hole cos he needed to go down to fix the problem and he didn’t want ppl to fall into that hole. cos the crowd is so kaypoh that they might fall into the hole and then hurt themselves for being a kaypoh. LOL we won’t want that to happen LOL. Its kinda dumb. like people come all the way here to play and injure themselves, its really really dumb.

and it was raining like mad, everywhere was leaking. even hollywood, the sheltered area, people carry umbrellas IN Hollywood. The rain is so bad that even Resort Ambassadors have to do squeegee. LOL hollywood was soaked in rainwater. everywhere was leaking LOL. there were guests asking me why its leaking. I smiled and said I DON’T KNOW. LOL then after the rain we were squeegee-ing like mad. my socks got soaked, my shoes were really really smelly. :$

Friday was PS CHALET. Almost everyone went, it was really cool that everyone got together and celebrated bdays for each other! HAHAHA. they were celebrating Philip and Nur’s bday LOL. they said april babies stand together but mine was quite some time back and i even got my own cake so i just stood aside hoping that they won’t put icing cream on my face. in the end they did and my yellow smiley earring was gone 😦 Megan screamed like mad =.= I was grabbing philip’s hands and yee just put the icing on my face. but i think megan’s was worse her head and face all kena-ed LOL. i think jerome got take photos of her.

Thursday was a K session with Trish. HAHAH it was really awesome to just have two of us singing and we sung like mad. LOL i was like singing the boy part for the duet! then she sang the girl’s one and i helped to 合音. :)) really cool and we went shopping and pepperlunch and bought lots of bags from far east. far east really cannot go unless you got lots of $ to spend.

A really good week spent and i made new friends HAHA okay i know im friendly. and i didn’t share my chipsa’more with this boy although i used his nametag before. i just don’t like him, no particular reason.

I’m going to play again with Kenn and his classmate. LOL


To think that.

Fungus grows in USS! I found fungus when i was doing opening this morning! i was sweeping the leaves then i saw fungus on the stones area in front of mel’s LOL kinda cool man!IMG00168-20100406-0822 IMG00169-20100406-0823

Today I got to enjoy the Kowabunga Kove with the Hairspray songs. but i don’t really rmb the lyrics though. if i can i’ll sing along! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

met up with CYA 0809 peeps. and i enjoyed! took many photos and i’m meeting up with Trish for Kbox! HAHAHAHAH cool! packed week.

i was quite frustrated about something that happened this morning. but someone told me he needs my smile :)) So i shall smile more and enjoy internship!

See whether if i can find more fungus tomorrow?


To think that.


HELLO! yup, i turned NINETEEN. =.=

its like the last year that i gonna start with the number 1. cos im going to be starting with 2 next year. and it counts every year.

bday gifts and wishes i received, i really thanks EVERY SINGLE ONE of you. be it advanced, on the day, or even belated wishes in any form of wish,  THANK YOU! its really the thought that counts and I THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART AND I APPRECIATE IT A LOT! ♥♥♥♥ xoxo

It was really really nice of Park Services to celebrate my bday for me. although i had to work, I still had fun. :)) I really enjoy the company of the PS crowd which was really really nice to buy me a bday cake. :))


in addition, I also received a super thick notebook from Alicia! She has been a great companion and buddy since working casual at PS! 😀 😀 😀

Internship has been really fun and I learned how things worked and the reasons behind it. HOHO. I also became relief lead when felicia went for dinner break and it was really really cool! 😀 with all the codes that i need to learn which is like a lot but those common ones, me and marc were like playing with the walkie talkie LOL despite knowing like everyone can hear us LOL. but we didn’t talk nonsense of course! HAHA its really cool cos you can hear each other asking whether everyone has gone for lunch break alr or not LOL.

So far working at USS i saw people of high status and local celebrities and even ministers! 😀 I saw Mark Lee and family, Michelle Chia and husband with both families, Vivian Lai and family, Quan Yi Feng and family, Addy Lee – He got a very bad walk away by Marilyn Monroe: heard from fellow colleague that when he asked monroe to take photos with him but she just ignored and walked away. HAHA serve him right! he super 嚣张. I saw Zhou Chong Qing and Bukoh Mary. I saw MM LKY and PM Lee (he waved at me when i waved to him!) LOL haha i hope to see more of these people LOL. actually i don’t really bother but kinda cool when you can like show off to everyone that i saw this person/celebrity.

I’m really loving Hairspray! i think cos of kowabunga kove makes me love hairspray even more cos most of the songs are from there and they changed the lyrics HAHAHAHA. I love the storyline of Hairspray! 😀 I watched 17 Again also. and i love the storyline as well! 😀 LOL the daughter having a crush on her teen daddy! LOL. I love the song: The Nicest Kids In Town. cos kowabunga plays that song and i know how to sing but i dunno the lyrics! 😀 😀 😀  HAIRSPRAY IS ♥!

I’ll be sent to the office from next week onwards, so means no more in the park unless necessary. if someone reports MC or what then I’ll need to go down to do rescue. if not, i’ll really miss my dear boy! 😀 but he told me i can make more friends – but i’m still working with my friends. 🙂 so not too bad i guess. we’ll be working on projects that we are supposed to do HAHAH looks fun leh. but i’m worried about the boredom 😦

i had a dream last night and I was really glad that i had that dream. and hope it really comes true with that right person.

I went to Man Fu Yuan this afternoon with mummy, daddy and bros to have dimsum. food was good and service was good as well! 😀 😀 Highly recommended. SERIOUSLY and we’re also celebrating dad’s bday there also! LOL. like just a day after internship! to celebrate ending of internship? I hope to absorb and learn more and make the best out of everything and make long lasting friendships cos PS peeps are really nice people! 😀 HAHA and i’m looking forward to the chalet this coming friday! 😀

and i shall update again!