To think that.

Fungus grows in USS! I found fungus when i was doing opening this morning! i was sweeping the leaves then i saw fungus on the stones area in front of mel’s LOL kinda cool man!IMG00168-20100406-0822 IMG00169-20100406-0823

Today I got to enjoy the Kowabunga Kove with the Hairspray songs. but i don’t really rmb the lyrics though. if i can i’ll sing along! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

met up with CYA 0809 peeps. and i enjoyed! took many photos and i’m meeting up with Trish for Kbox! HAHAHAHAH cool! packed week.

i was quite frustrated about something that happened this morning. but someone told me he needs my smile :)) So i shall smile more and enjoy internship!

See whether if i can find more fungus tomorrow?


To think that.

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