pretty interesting.

pretty interesting. some RSA picture

i was looking thru FB and saw Junheng’s video link and i print screen this video. it was smth about empathy for ppl which i didn’t really understand.

and i tried to type french but was kinda epic fail cos i didn’t know most of my words and the french keyboard was kinda difficult to use cos its something like this:

then i used this to interpret while replying hamzah-my ex french classmate cos he used french to reply my FB wallpost =.=

je suis alleé à Takashimaya juste maintenant et trover ma ordinateur pour service: parceque ma bluetooth et accès sans fil à internet ne travail pas. mais  je ne allumer bluetooth pas.

au revoir!

pretty interesting.


it has been a long time since i updated my blog. lol sorry. too lazy cos i was busy with internship and all. internship at uss and yes, park services. people there are pretty nice.

oh yes, took french delf a1 with hweechen and did well! 😀 ha happy about it. and i’m going to pick up japanese all over again. cos i was speaking to this lady tour guide and her japanese clients. i went ohaiyo gozaimasu. but after that i didn’t understand what the lady was talking about 😦 kinda sad i know its japanese but i dunno how to speak 😦

and my friends in USS are doing pretty well i guess. happy env has happy people. LOL. 🙂

and i’m on off tomm, gonna go kino at taka and bring my laptop for bluetooth configuration. wireless has stopped working. wth :/