radio france

Lol I’m listening to radio france; its a french channel featuring politics and songs and all. But I don’t really understand everything of it.

Now I’m watching the singapore haiti match. And its damn annoying but the haiti ppl are damn 贱 cos they kept on faking their injury as they want to buy time. +.+ omg the kids are pretty crap lah. Omg this is a pretty bad match.

And tmr is the f1 interview and I have not prepared anything yet. I’m too tired and lazy. 😦 aye and my certs are not prepared also.

Had my YOG at kallang tennis centre. Took many photos and I really need to upload on fb. Made many awesome friends but not as much as chingay HAHA. My role was spectator service officer so as the name mentions, I take care of spectators and I got to watch live matches for the entire week. I took photos with cute athletes both guys and girls, got the autographs(inititally I thought was crazy cos I saw the schoolgirls did but who cares). Went gahgah over the cute guys and the photo I took. Made good friends with same name-priscilla, anything to talk under the sun-lihong, gaga over japan kids and pins-alina, awesome team leads-celine, serene, terry, connie; fellow lrm freshie katrina and her tennis friends, etc. Lol and saw shaochun. Made friends with croatian coach, took photo with cute angmoh spectator. Like fun only lah. Live tennis match with awesome company. And I’m glad and I didn’t regret that I went for YOG. 🙂

And I want to buy the YOG collectibles and I regretted that I didn’t buy at KTC. 😦 I think I’ll drop by and buy tmr at orchard.

radio france

internship has ended!


i’ll miss everyone in PS and USS. hopefully i’ll be able to go back to USS to work as a casual. 🙂

went for the YOU KNOW THE GAMES this morning. got the Lyo and Merly DBS visa Prepaid card. 🙂

and took photos with the mascots as well! 😀

nm i cannot upload the photo here. and the connection on FB is irritating. i tried to upload the photos taken ytd and nothing happens CRAP.

internship has ended!