Hahahaha Katy Perry’s Firework!

Maybe I’ll try to use song lyrics as my blogpost titles.

Currently listening to Gold 90 FM with Leslie and Hossan Leong on air LOL. Haven’t listened to the radio for more than a month.

For the past week I’ve been studying in school with Katherine. I’m quite done with revision for spa and gaming (which I’ve already started quite sometime back). Cruising I’m stuck at the maritime legislation ZOMG. -_- club and destn I haven’t start yet -_-

Hopefully the next time when I post would be: Dog Days are Over.

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in the midst

Preparation of final examinations of Poly life!

Life’s gonna be good again!

Things to do:
Learn driving – I left that BTT hanging there since July
Work for more $$$
Meetups with friends
Preparation for LRM Grad Night
Finish up Reborn
Watch more GLEE

Hopefully I’m able to get some advertorials like some famous ppl do and get sponsors and free stuff. I’ll be more than happy to do it. Leave a comment k !

in the midst

last day of school

Today is the unofficial last day of school. Its like a day that marks our last schooling day in TP. It ended with the gaming revision lecture and a last meal at Sugarloaf and a lot of photos. I don’t feel anything maybe not now cos we still see each other next friday or something? And exam ends the following friday (4March). Really looking forward to the day.

Really want to do well and achieve at least a few As for this sem. Tomorrow would be the admissions interview for Nagoya University.

All the best!

last day of school


Plan to study today failed badly.

I slept late, woke up late, nua-ed like mad this early afternoon, did everything that has to do with my eyebrows and face.

had a new liking to this korean song: Davichi – Stop the Time. Davichi always have their own style of songs which is from slow to fast. Although I don’t really understand the song but i just like the song. Vocals are really good.

Just some videos to share:

Comeback Stage: Davichi

Official Music Video


I’ll be heading to F1 Pit Building for Chingay Parade 2011, with tickets kindly given by the Twitter of YourSingapore (@visitsingapore) hopefully I’ll be able to take some good photos to share.

Last day of work for the month tomorrow, may it be a good one. I must start studying Spa tomorrow, at least the first lecture.


i want to be a billionaire so freaking bad.

If I’m a billionaire,

I can fund my own university studies,
I can buy things that I want,
I don’t need to depend on my dad,
I want to depend on myself.

To be honest, I went to apply for Nagoya University via this alumni called Japan University Graduates Association of Singapore (JUGAS). Am going for admissions interview next Saturday, but most of things are yet to be confirmed. Like whether I’m going to be in or not.

Most of my friends asked me to sign up for the local Uni to have a Plan B in case Plan A doesn’t fall into place. But I really really want to study in Japan. I have made brief plans on what to do after I’ve been accepted by the school and such .

But I still need to wait for NU’s reply also. Am not going to apply for local uni as I haven’t really figured out what I really want to study as I’m afraid I will regret about what I’m going to study and don’t have the means to do it. For now, I guess is to focus on the upcoming NU interview and end-sem exams and do well for it at least can help to pull up the GPA by a bit.

So at this point in time I guess if I don’t get it then I’ll work and see how it goes.

When I thought things were really going my way, it didn’t. Maybe there are some things that are not meant to be.

I want to be a billionaire so freaking bad.

i want to be a billionaire so freaking bad.

long donkey update!


Haven’t been updating my wordpress since Aug last year which is like before semester 3.2 even started. -_-

I have been busy updating twitter so I didn’t really had the time to type onto the blog. OOPS sorry but for those who really went through my blog, Thank you very much for still supporting it despite me not updating it for months. I’ll still update if I can.

Ok, so I shall just give a brief summary what I’ve done for the past few months.

School started in Oct 2010 with 5 core modules and 1 elective namely, Destination and Planning Mgt, Spa and Wellness Mgt, Cruise Biz, Club Mgt, Leisure Resort facilities Mgt and Gaming Operations respectively. There were a total of 10 projects with 4 individual and 6 group projects. My group mates were Meiyan, Zhiwei, DJ, Aloysius and Serene.

The projects were quite tough but with all our hardwork and sleep-sacrified, we managed to pull it through the days and nights which was good. We had our own strengths and weaknesses and complemented each other. Tests were also inevitable but I did pretty ok I guess. We spent our Christmas and New Year’s Day doing our projects as the deadlines were really close to each other. Had presentations and interviews in a whole week a week before CNY which made me had to wear heels and bring laptop for the WHOLE week. I even said if we can survive that week, we could be deities. LOL

Joined the graduation night committee and did some plannings which is going to be at Marriott Hotel.

Still addicted to Glee (as usual) and loving the season 2 sets and storylines.

Managed to go back to work in USS in Attractions Operations – Pantages Hollywood Theatre after a long-awaited six months since internship ended. I was happy to be back and able to see and catch up with friends and nice ex-colleagues. Got to ride the Mummy rollercoaster which I loved it during the time in internship whereby I’ll sneak in every time I end work before the park closes. And I miss my fellow RP internship PS interns whereby I only see a few of them while back at work.

Pantages was good and I liked it. I really like the uniform cos I think its really cute but its not after the hat is being put on. -_- learnt new things and I like the songs by the monsters. New sets by Daddy O’s and Mel’s Dinettes singing songs from the 50s and 60s which was pretty good. But I missed the old Kowabunga Kove which was really really good. I mean I loved the songs cos it was from Hairspray but the casts were good.

Anyway, school’s ending in a week and a half, following that with exams and poof, Graduation! Decided to go for NAPFA training and test after 3 years which is like tmr. Currently having leg, ankle and knee aches but Mr Shum said for the sake of my resume as an evidence of me participating outdoor activity. -____-

As for university application, hopefully I’ll be able to bring good news.

That’s about it!

long donkey update!