Sesame Street: G

I have always been following Gleeks United and I happen to see this video – Sesame Street on the Letter ‘G’. Its really adorable and unique that they use Glee and Journeys’ Don’t Stop Believing on the Letter G. Really interesting. You should take a look at it below: No one features the letter G as much as Glee does!



Sesame Street: G

Global Community Day with Parks Festival

Attended the Global Community Day with Parks Festival. It was a collaboration by TP and NParks and supported by National Integration Council and PUB. The event was at Bedok Reservoir and it was to use the reservoir as a space to engage the communities and promote the arts & Transcultural interactions.

It was a really interesting event as we could see Fire burning on water. I was assigned as the Section Leader for the Stage part (platform area). This event was by Temasek Polytechnic with the intercultural day in TP and the name of the event was changed to Global Community Day and it was brought out to the outdoors.

I had a fun time working with the LRM Freshmen, the HTM volunteers and of course my fellow section leaders as well. I managed to get Tse Xin and Warren as UNLV representatives. It was really nice working with them. We had Ms Sandra Goh and Ms Joan there to make sure things were going well for us. Ms Selene Goh was there for the first day. Mr Low was there also and I managed to talk to him and this was his first volunteer event after retirement. 🙂 He told me he volunteered at Singapore Arts Museum as a museum tour guide during his weekends even during school terms. It was really interesting about what he has shared with me.

I’m trying to upload the photos that I took during the event but this whole thing is not working. -.- I’ll try to upload and update this post with the photos 🙂

Global Community Day with Parks Festival

Hi I’m back!

Dear Readers,

It has been a long time since I posted anything. I left this space blank for almost half a year and now I’m back! Just to update what I have been busy with so far:

In the month of May, I graduated from Temasek Polytechnic with a Diploma in Merit in Leisure and Resort Management. After months of working and break from poly, I have enrolled myself into Singapore Institute of Technology in University Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) , Bachelor of Science in Hotel Administration.

For the long break, I have been and still working in Universal Studios Singapore, Pantages Hollywood Theatre – Monster Rock Show. I am also trained and signed off at Accelerator, that means I am able to work for both. Usher for Pantages and Ride Operator for Accelerator. There was once that I forgot about the schedule that I was assigned, took up open shifts and worked for ten consecutive days. There were short shifts on the Thursday that I worked and volunteered to extend as there was insufficient manpower to work that day as some called in sick.

Studies in Uni had been fine so far, currently I’m taking Art Appreciation and English Composition 1. In Art Appreciation I learn all those art giants in the Renaissance period like Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci and Raphael. As our syllabus in Singapore its an intensive course whereby we cover everything in seven weeks; as compared to the one in UNLV main campus, they cover everything in 14 weeks. Therefore, ours is tougher than theirs, in a way. For art class later, we will be brought to the present art, we cover 100 years of art history every lesson. From the first lesson till now, we went all the back to ancient history, when Christ was born (we were brought through the whole process of ‘Annunciation to Mary’ all the way till ‘Ascension’), then how the different artists interpreted the whole process. We saw how Art movement involved from Renaissance to Mannerism to Rococo to Neoclassicism to Romanticism. Its really cool that I got to learn all these, I never knew all these until now, so its really new for me and I like it. Despite that, we have online quizzes EVERY week, which means we need to study every week.

For the events that I have taken part in that includes IAAPA (International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions) Asia Attractions Expo that was held in Resorts World Sentosa Convention Centre. I learned a lot of things in regards to the attractions industry, it was really an eye-opener whereby those vendors brought in every thing that you can find in an amusement park, teddy bears, roller-coasters, 4d/5d simulators; Koreans brought in neoprint machines, PRCs brought in the fish game that we can commonly find in arcades. So I was there with my LRM juniors together with two of my friends from the same cohort. I can say that was the first event after the ‘unofficial’ graduation from TP.

The most recent event that was related to TP that I have just attended was Global Community Day (I will do a separate post later).

I should try making blogging another hobby of mine.


Hi I’m back!