Global Community Day with Parks Festival

Attended the Global Community Day with Parks Festival. It was a collaboration by TP and NParks and supported by National Integration Council and PUB. The event was at Bedok Reservoir and it was to use the reservoir as a space to engage the communities and promote the arts & Transcultural interactions.

It was a really interesting event as we could see Fire burning on water. I was assigned as the Section Leader for the Stage part (platform area). This event was by Temasek Polytechnic with the intercultural day in TP and the name of the event was changed to Global Community Day and it was brought out to the outdoors.

I had a fun time working with the LRM Freshmen, the HTM volunteers and of course my fellow section leaders as well. I managed to get Tse Xin and Warren as UNLV representatives. It was really nice working with them. We had Ms Sandra Goh and Ms Joan there to make sure things were going well for us. Ms Selene Goh was there for the first day. Mr Low was there also and I managed to talk to him and this was his first volunteer event after retirement. 🙂 He told me he volunteered at Singapore Arts Museum as a museum tour guide during his weekends even during school terms. It was really interesting about what he has shared with me.

I’m trying to upload the photos that I took during the event but this whole thing is not working. -.- I’ll try to upload and update this post with the photos 🙂

Global Community Day with Parks Festival

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