the one we have all been wanting for is back!

McDonald curry sauce is back! I was at McDonalds this afternoon and bought a pack of large fries, at the same time trying my luck to see if curry sauce was really gone for good. The lady at the counter bent down and gave me a pack of it. I was quite shocked to see it and the cashier said,” Yup we changed packaging and it just came today.”

Have fun dipping your mcnuggets and french fries in the curry sauce!


looks familiar?looks familiar?
the one we have all been wanting for is back!

Girl in Pink.


I went for the INC (Integration Neutralisation Committee) River Trail yesterday and it was really fun. Learned new things about the Singapore River, things that I didn’t know last time. e.g. Singapore River is 6km long, 5 bridges along the river. It was really interesting mingling around with the residents and their children.  The girl in pink above I snapped her picture when she looked right into my camera. I have another boy that looked really innocent (anyway, children are really innocent and adorable).

My chairman told me that there are similar tours available every month, so I’m going to join, have fun and learn something new about the little red dot every month!

till then, have fun!