Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011

I was a finisher for the 10km Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011!

As I had mentioned in my previous posts, the night before I attended the Tourism Ball and reached home quite late at night. I woke up in the morning feeling like “Man, can I not go for the run or not?”

However, I still went ahead and ran for the marathon. This was my second 10k marathon after the Yellow Ribbon Prison Run (YRPR) 2011.

I thought the organisers were good and water points really motivated me on running towards those points and get myself hydrated before I continue the run. The volunteers were really friendly and fast. The waste management was good, the workers were really fast on clearing up the trash that were piling up. I really wonder do the trash go straight to the waste disposal or to the recycling bins?
Everything was well except that the goodies that were given were not as good as compared to the YRPR. Upon completion of race, YRPR gave us bananas, bottled and canned drinks and muffins but SCSM only gave an energy bar and 100plus. Personally I feel that its the after-value of the race, even my friends thought so as well.

The flag off was at 7.15am but we only started running one hour later (8.15am). There was very bad crowd management and people started moving ONLY when the volunteer was screaming, “PLEASE HURRY UP!!! We are closing the start point soon!” THEN people started moving.

But after that everything was smooth and photos were sent it was REALLY REALLY ugly. Had a record of 1hr and 32mins for 10km run which I improved by 1min since the Yellow Ribbon Run.

Purchasing test ended just now – one hour test and it was good I guess 🙂

Amirrul, Saiful, Cheryl and myself

Amirrul, Saiful, Cheryl and myself

Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011

4 thoughts on “Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon 2011

  1. saiful says:

    Hey pris! Congrats! You improved by 1min. This is my 2nd 10km too yo! & yeah YRPR is far2 better than SCSM2011. Well, its a good start tho. Lets look forward to another run aites. Next up, 21km uh? Haha. I will see you ALL at the finishing line. Hee.

    Sign up for the 10km best friend run asap!!! :))

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