Things that were done before turning twenty-one

This was my first stay over in a luxurious hotel. For the past few years, I have never stayed overnight at chalets which includes birthdays, class gatherings and what ever. On Monday (26 December 2011), I stayed overnight at Marina Bay Sands (MBS) Tower 1 Level 12 Room 86. It was a grand room and it was around three quarter the size of my home.

All thanks to Shermaine’s parents who booked a room and Shermaine invited us for a stayover, at the same time to celebrate Stella’s 21st Birthday. Before reaching MBS, I accompanied my brother for his first book-in after his two weeks of book-out from the camp.

Then I headed to Marina Bay via Promenade Station. When I stepped onto the Olympic Park, I saw this breathtaking skyline at Marina Bay just beside the Floating Platform. The wishing spheres for the Marina Bay Countdown was there. Lasers and lightings were flashed onto the spheres that were floating on the river. Many took photos of it and of course I did!

Marina Bay Skyline

Lasers shined onto the wishing spheres

On the way to the hotel, I took some photos along the way and there were still some Christmas atmosphere here and there and lightings of reindeers were seen and all. As the other girls were still having their dinner, I went into ArtScience Museum and checked the lobby and the admission prices of the museum exhibits.

ArtScience Museum @ MBS

On my way to meeting the girls, I actually went to the ticketing booth for the theatres to check the prices for the Wicked the Musical but the service of the MBS was really bad. I do have my reasons of saying it. The lady at the counter might be thinking that I do not have the money to pay for the tickets and when I asked if she could check for me the availability of the dates for the musical, she just told me, “Sorry the computer is shut down, we are closed already can’t check anymore. You can check online.” Seriously the entire counter is not closed why can’t you just check for me. and she wanted me to wait for the other counter whereby another guest was served to buy tickets that cost up to a thousand dollars. BAD SERVICE.

When I took FoodService Operations before school ended, my professor was talking about the celebrity chefs in Marina Bay Sands, and while walking past those restaurants I took photos of them.
Cut by Wolfgang Puck
Cut by Wolfgang Puck

Bistro Moderne by Daniel Boulud Bistro Moderne by Daniel Boulud

Alright, the grand room looked something like this:

And after enjoying ourselves and slacking away in the room, and snapping some photos:

Stella got changed and we went up to the top floor for the infinity pool. As soon as the lift opened, I literally :O at the view. It was AMAZING.

Some two guys were racing in the pool?

We went up to the skypark quite late and we wanted to go to the observatory part but the security just stopped the entrance at 10.55pm -.- when it closes at 11pm. Anyway the security guards were quite stern in getting the guest out of the skypark? I think our security guards in USS is nicer for park sweep as compared to theirs. SO NOT FRIENDLY. I also felt that MBS shouldn’t be a very nice place to work at as most that I encountered were not very happy, other than the housekeeping aunty that greeted us the next morning. Maybe they were tired? I don’t know that.

Anyway, we celebrated Stella’s birthday with the Oreo Cheesecake

and the birthday card that was for her:

We also did many other things whereby it happened and will only stay there. (not to be revealed)

It was a really nice trip and an eye-opener and we were doing things that were before we turn twenty-one. Maybe not for Shermaine, more for Tse Xin, Stella, Nina and myself. Thank you girls for all the fun!

Rebel 15 gathering next week, hopefully I can stay overnight and more fun things will happen! 😀

Things that were done before turning twenty-one

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