pineapple tarts!


School has been well. Today is the fourth day of Spring 2012. Everything has been good. Prepared some of these Pineapple tarts this morning – helped my mom with the dough and she wrapped the filing in then sent in to the oven for baking.

Taking modules like College Algebra, Human Resource Management and World Literature this term. College Algebra makes me feel happy and thankful for the A-maths that I took during O levels. Thank you Mr Sekhar and Mrs Mani and the tutor at Mavis Tuition Centre (5 years back) for teaching me A-maths then. Really wondered the point of studying A-maths then as it seemed to be of no use but now it does help. 🙂 World Literature is quite alright except that we had a 39 page pdf to start with.

HRM is quite alright with the prof being strict on the tardiness.

Till then,
Happy Lunar New Year!

Wishing all a Happy and Prosperous Lunar New Year!


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pineapple tarts!

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