Chingay 2012: A Water Parade of Love and Care (3rd Feb 2012)

As promised, I am going to do a long post on Chingay 2012.

This year I participated as a PAYM Motivator. I didn’t really have the time to join the performance team which was quite sad cos this year performers are participating on WATER. Yes WATER. It was really cool.

Photos that you will see below are from the Chingay Parade Preview held on 3rd Feb 2012.

Photo I took during the last motivator training at the Pit Building

We had to do face painting which looked something like this:

and I looked like this:

a photo of the seats with the PAYM Dragon Warrior Banners so I took a photo of it:

They had a PA’s got Talent just like last few years. So this is one of the Balloon Sculpting Club in one of the Community Clubs in Singapore and the volunteers are helping with it.

The senior citizens that you see below belongs to some Mumba Zumba team from the various CCs in Singapore. Community Promoting Active Aging and you see these lovely senior ladies. I wanted to take a photo with them but they were running to lead the team for the dance.

and cosplayers:

and the jugglers:

A photo with my Rojak team and the Dunman High students which were a really cool bunch of students to work and have fun with. one working adult (Irwan) and another NP guy that we clicked really well (Yik Loong)

The Mediacorp artistes came and there you can spot: Vivian Lai, Gurmit Singh and Michelle Chong. I wanted to take a solo photo with Michelle Chong but the manager said not allowed cos there were too many of us. What if everyone wants to take a photo? But we did have a mass group photo with them after that (for those who were interested!)

All the PAYM Motivators!

And we all headed out. Some photos I took during the parade could be seen individually that I have attached below. 🙂

The phoenix and dragon for the start!

Performers from Soka with the fire

PAYM Chingay Dragon Warriors

This two below were by Singapore Flyer that is together (if I don’t remember wrongly)

Human Dragon Dance

Showcase of Chinese Culture featuring “踏歌” (Ta Ge) Chinese Classical Dance of Han Dynasty

Indian performance by the citizens and non-citizens from the community

Japanese Association of Singapore (has been in Chingay Parade for the past 5 years)

by NUS

By New Creation Church with the balloonified Rainbow! Fascinating!

Singapore Taekwando Federation

The community performance from the various Interest Groups in Singapore

and the Chingay motivator cheering for the parade !

Singa the Lion

000 Taiji Uncles and Aunties (AMAZING HA!)

and ME of course with the finale and Singapore Flyer as the backdrop

There were many photos also but this is the one that I liked the most too! The China lady below was also one of the performers that were manipulating the dragon and the phoenix with her team and despite the end of the parade, she still professionally held on to her dragon and I won’t forget she bumped into me hardly cos she was controlling the strings that were on the dragon. But I really admire her and her team for making the whole thing a success!

This somehow ended Day one and we were all geared up for the Actual which was on the next day!

Chingay 2012: A Water Parade of Love and Care (3rd Feb 2012)

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