Chingay Parade 2012: (4 Feb 2012) — Actual

Hi again!

I’m not going to talk so much in this post and I’ll let the photos do the talking.
The photos will be less parade and more action! Most of the photos were already up so I captured those scenic views and happy moments.

Below are some of the photos I took throughout the event.

Face-painted again!
face painted again!

When we were all dismissed after our dinner and face-painting to go down to prepare for the motivating of the crowd, below are some photos that I took along the way.

These two ladies were leading the crowd in the below picture
aunty dancing

Look at the uncle he is so sporty!

Some photos I took before the crowd came in

The Rojak Photo!

Uncle 寿! I really don’t know why he closed his eyes!

The YOUths are so excited holding the lightboard!

Taiji Uncles and Aunties!

Finale with all the balloons and confetti.

I got one of those yellow windmills and you can see the crowd leaving. HAIYO.

When they were all bidding farewell to the VIPs I caught Mr Yam Ah Mee! Didn’t manage to catch his full body photo but I snapped this. SO CUTE IKR!


Chingay 2012 has been a really fun one despite the hiccups that we had on the first day during the assignation of seats. Fellow PAYM motivators were really nice and it was good. I had fun with them and although we had some kinda age gap but we all clicked well. Really looking forward to the Chingay Appreciation Party on 3rd March when I can see everyone all over again! 🙂 After Spring 1 ends THEN I CAN GO FOR THE CHINGAY APPRECIATION. celebration for the end of SPRING ONE. KILLER TERM and I know there are more to come. -.-

Chingay Parade 2012: (4 Feb 2012) — Actual

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