Too good not to share.


watching dramas and knitting and updating my blog and catching up with my friends is the life! HAHAH

there’s a video we made for our HRM Project which was really funny as its accompanied Lulu on Singapore’s fertility rate by The Noose.

This is a video on Maternity leave policies and these are all based on real life cases in Singapore.

Adapted from News for a Vibrant Political Society. (2005, August 5). Retrieved February 5, 2012, from Think Centre:

and we all acted out on this. Try spotting me? 🙂

There’s another video adapted from Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka- a video we did for World Literature.

Link is posted here cos its unlisted on youtube, only those with the link are able to watch it:

Too good not to share.

Too good not to share.

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