Happy 21st Neroshaa!

attended Neroshaa’s birthday which was located at The Spa Boutique. Really nice place and it was very serene and secluded. I didn’t know it was opposite Orchard Hotel and I walked towards the other side (all thanks to Blackberry Maps), and I got on a cab from Four Seasons Hotel. The cab driver was very nice and his service was really good cos Nassim Road was some atas living area for expats and it was so dark then he stopped his meter and helped me to find the unit. That was the first time I was impressed by the hospitality of the uncle and I told him to keep the change.

This was the cake (3 layers but this is the top)

My Favourite Photo with Neroshaa

(Left to Right) With Haslina, Shazana and Azillah

with quek!

with Poobalan, Siva, Karthik, Vicky and his friend

It was a good time catching up with them and everything was good and glad to see them all doing well.

Happy 21st Neroshaa!

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