Viva Victory! PAYM Chingay Appreciation Night 2012

It was the annual PAYM Chingay Appreciation Night. It was themed Viva Victory this year and was held at the WaveHouse Sentosa. The same afternoon was also the time when I finally submitted my World Literature Exam. PHEW. okay, anyway, I took some photos along the way which I thought it would be good to talk about it. Let’s go!

This is my brother, Dominic and we were outside iFly

and this is yours truly,

the wavehouse shop:

Christina (A chingay friend since year 2009 and has been a active participant/trainer since then), my brother and I!

Christina and I (those two guys behind were the performers for one of the item for the night)

Thats the Guest-of-Honour, Mr Yam Ah Mee – CEO of People’s Association

Mr Yam Ah Mee with Melvin, Jinwen and their two other choreographers

The main committee members whom have worked hard for the item and the parade

got bored and i went over to the wave stimulator and saw people surfing on the waves. interesting on how they could maneuver their surfboards

Time for food! everyone was rushing for it. couldn’t blame them for being too hungry cos dinner was only at 8pm

Daniel Ong was the Emcee for the night.

Kenneth being pushed into the pool and collecting his slippers. Poor thing.

Kitat and I

these girls were dancing to T-ARA’s Rolie Polie

Towards the end, there was actually a tourist that came by and I thought he was one of the participants and he turned out to be a tourist who came to our place to take a look while his friends were chilling at the wavehouse bar. anyway, it was a good experience and the virgin trip to wavehouse was good! 😀

Viva Victory! PAYM Chingay Appreciation Night 2012

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