I am looking forward to.

This week has been a good week so far. Had two consecutive days of Japanese class and although I am just learning romanji for a start I think its really good. Easier to catch-up and understand and it is at least better than what I learnt in TP whereby everything was taught in Hiragana and Katakana and the teacher went so fast, I couldn’t understand. -.-

Watched consecutive four episodes of Glee which felt really SHIOK. the last scene of ‘On my Way’ when Quinn was replying to Rachel’s text message on her whether she was reaching church and she got bang by a car. 😦 I got a shock when I saw it. I was looking for trailers to the next episode but could not find any and Gleeks United was not updated since MJ’s episode. GleeonFox is banned in Singapore, making me so worried about the storyline, keeping me in suspense. -.-

Going for ARWSOME kids’ date tomorrow with some local and Malaysian kids, with a lot of my Pantages colleagues, it would be a fun one later! I’ll update more when I’m back. This week looks like a fun one ahead. Next Monday is school already I think? OMG.

I am looking forward to learning Japanese well and living there for a year or two in the near future.


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