aRWSome Kids Date 2012!

aRWSome Kids Date 2012!

with CherylX, Meiling, Vanessa, Rhian, Yeevonn, Yu Jia, Steffi and Dickson (not in the photo)

It was a really good experience and I had a chance to bring Malaysian kids from homes. Participants in my group consisted of the very young to the not-so-old. The older ones helped to take care the young ones. They were a good bunch despite some of the things that we had to take care of.

Brought them to take the rides and we had fun ourselves. Despite the rain everything was good and it was my first time taking Human in the rain with the extra harness. Pretty interesting but was quite shocked to see the extra harness as it won’t be as fast as before. It went really fast maybe due to the rain. But anyway, it was a good experience and I enjoy working with my partner Yee Vonn – one of the awesome friend and colleague that one can get. 😀

Saw Dyea also and we caught up quite a bit!

That’s Dickson and Yeevonn and me!

There’s more to come and I hope I can join it again, hopefully with teenagers at least we can all go and play together.


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