The best room.

Last Friday I went to Marina Bay Sands for a FOH and BOH tour with UNLV Hotel Association. It was really interesting and the MBS Training personnel gave us a talk and we had a tour to the shoppes and were introduced to the various architectures that were built in the building. Despite all those, the highlight of the tour was the room that we visited was one of the best hotel rooms that one could ever ask for. PRESIDENTIAL SUITE. it was located at the 54th floor which provided a MAGNIFICENT (yes, MBS’ tagline) view of the skyline of Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay. The suite had three bedrooms, gym room that has a sauna and steam room, bathtubs at each restroom, massage room, hairstyling room, karaoke room and two living rooms. The suite has a 24-hour butler. As a saying goes, what you pay for is what you get (一分钱,一分货), I shall show you some pictures to prove what I have mentioned above.

The wardrobe that is similar to what RWS has, only that the doors are blue in color.

One of my polymate – Jacelyn as a concierge in MBS and I found the photo in the BOH

Warren and Nicholas – Rebel 14


OUTSIDE PRESIDENTIAL SUITE with Tsexin, Stella & Shuying

they look like they’re fetching the bride from the Presidential Suite

living room

w a piano

Biz Centre

Gym Room

Steam Room on the Left; Sauna Room on the Right


The BREATHTAKING view looks like toy ships placed on a big piece of blue paper. HAPPY DIE.

Upcoming International Cruise Terminal at Marina South

Hairdressing room

Massage Room

Marina Bay view from 54th storey


Some final briefing in the room

Outside the suite

Really COOL stuffs.

The best room.

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