Updates for the past two/three weeks!

Hi Guys!

So sorry I was not able to update my blog as there were many things that happened that I did not have time to do so. Therefore I have some photos that I will be attaching below to mark the various dates that were significant from the past few weeks.

27 March – Last Day of Japanese Class (Term 1) with Ishida Sensei and my Japanese classmates. Those below are all working adults and among them I’m the youngest and somehow I became the coordinator (I don’t know what happened anyway). This photo was taken by my teacher with my classmates. 🙂Image

My Japanese teacher – Ishida Senseii & I Image

31 March – My 21st Birthday Celebration which was a really good one. Really thank my parents for helping me to organise the party and preparing and paying for most of the things and I did bear half of the cost as well. Photo attached is myself with my parents and my two brothers. The girl in pink is my father’s friend’s daughter. Idk where her dad went to when we were all busy with cake cutting and phototaking -.- Hm anyway, thank you all (friends, colleagues, family) who came down from different parts of Singapore and attended my special day and ❤ y’all many many okay!Image

1st April – My own birthday and I attended Peiying’s 21st with a lot of balloons, cakes and cupcakes.


6 April – Dominic’s Passing Out Parade

Really LOL at my daddy’s sign and the Parade commander’s face was like ??? Anyway it was my first time attending such a formal event. and I love all these parades and stuff since secondary school. Proud that my brother actually “graduated” and embarking on his career very soon!Image


8 April – Running Egg Man (Easter Day) Event at beaches on Sentosa. Haven’t really watch the running man korean show proper so I had not much idea of what to expect. It was a lot of running and we had to prevent the catchers from snatching our colour tags which is the one below with my name – Red color tag. Jie Ying invited us to her church’s Easter event and was with Cheryl Lim, Charlene, Jay and Leonard.



12 April – I was out with these guys from my previous workplace at the Banquet at Intercontinental Hotel and my brother. We had a really sumptous and filling dinner at this Korean Restaurant called Sarang – Heartbeat of Seoul. Headed to Kbox after that till midnight.Image

14 AprilMaritime Experiential Museum and Aquarium (MEMA) with my family and we had fun with all the interactive exhibits and all. After that I went for the Nike Goddess 5km with Jacq.


The event was not really good. Routes were too narrow and the girls got tired and really inconsiderate, they started walking. The weather was bad, baggage deposit was slow and it took us almost an hour to collect our bags. the volunteers wasn’t really helpful? When I asked them why they didn’t help their colleagues/fellow volunteers in searching for the bags when they are almost done, he started drawing lines and saying that they belonged to different groups. I got annoyed by him and I didn’t want to continue the conversation any further. The after-run event seemed really fun but we didn’t have much time to do so. The race didn’t worth that $30. I would consider the $30 to pay for the race tee.

That kinda wraps up the past two/three weeks! 😀




Updates for the past two/three weeks!

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