The place where the monkeys could communicate!

The place where the monkeys could communicate!

Click on photo above to link to my facebook account on photos at the Zoo!

Trip back to the zoo after two years. Went with my uniclique of friends (Photo from left: Shirlyn, Tse Xin, Nina, Shermaine, myself!)

The last time I was there was during Poly year two. The zoo is so much cleaner now whereby last time I only remembered seeing animal faeces all over and the odour as well. (EWWWW!) The zoo is so clean and well organised now and there was a monkey I saw that could communicate with us.

Singapore Zoo’s really awesome. If you’re a overseas visitor thinking to come to Singapore Zoo please do, there are really many awesome animals and things that one can see here and learn from. It would have been better if we were able to go to Night Safari as well. I have never been there yet!

10km at Run350 tomorrow morning!


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