being more inspired

Sometimes it really makes me wonder what have I been doing all this while, what have I been thinking all these times. Have I been wasting time on things that I don’t enjoy doing? Or have I not spent more time to do what I would love to do.

Parents & teachers tell us to work hard and maybe some day an apple will fall from the sky and hit your head, and realise that some gravity exists in this planet or some great invention would be created.

When somebody asked me what was my interests and what were my strengths but somehow I did not know how to answer. So I started googling on ‘Knowing yourself’. I came across this website and the author said write down every single thing of yourself, as many as one can, be it positive or negative, personal traits, past, future, strengths and weaknesses, success or failure. Then from there, do not be afraid of what you are, what you lack of, then overcome it. Therefore, I started writing things that was mentioned above. It was then when I realised that the things I have done were not very significant, it was really small things which may/may not have made any difference.

There were a number of regrets along the way. However, I also realised that there were many good things that actually happened to me. The people that helped me along the way, mentored me, gave me those really huge ideas to think about, those really awesome family friends that one could have etc.

So, I thought really hard when I was showering yesterday (yes, I think better when I’m showering), I had many good points and I do know what I want.

So if you are like me, is unsure of what to do maybe you could also write down what I’ve mentioned and probably it would inspire you like how it helped me to.

being more inspired

Time to inspire!

Time to inspire!

2pm to 6pm lessons for the next three weeks. NO exams at all but with a higher weightage on class participation (30%).

ACE IT Human Nutrition. Biology all over again! (Y)


try talking to strangers

I was feeling quite depressed in the afternoon after work. Partly because of career options and also because of my knee – too strenuous and probably frequent running might have caused this. Went to the TCM and got acupuncture on my right knee. Therefore never take health for granted (or in my case healthy joints for granted) as you never know what happens the next second.

Back to my point on “talking to strangers”, I saw this aunty who was knitting and I just asked her what was she knitting and she told me she was knitting a blouse. And we started a conversation on where she learned knitting and where I learned knitting (which was from youtube). It was an engaging conversation and I felt better talking to her despite the not-so-good feeling in the morning.

One thing good about talking to strangers than talking to friends is that strangers don’t judge and we don’t really have a wall that is built in between us. And after you bid farewell to the stranger you never know when you will see him/her again. Unknown stuffs that are known to strangers may be kept with them forever. Strike conversations with strangers and it may brighten your day somehow.

Photo attached is the fishnet yarn shawl that I’ve done for my mother for Mothers’ Day but she said she don’t have occasions to use it. Hopefully there will be. 🙂

Have a good day everyone!

try talking to strangers

Review: Marvel’s The Avengers & Re-opening of Jurong Point Golden Village

Hello Everybody!

I just went for Marvel’s The Avengers movie kindly sponsored by blog club and Golden Village Jurong Point. This is my first time travelling all the way down to Jurong Point just to catch a movie and it certainly did not disappoint me. We could bring a friend down and I brought my lil brother along! We were given two mini Magnums upon registeration. There were also popcorn combo packs (Drink and Popcorn) themed with The Avengers

The bloggers were all invited to watch Marvel’s The Avengers at Golden Village Jurong Point (nearest MRT Station – Boon Lay). GV Jurong Point reopened its doors today after a $4.5 million dollar three-month renovation that promises an enhanced movie experience.

Some new and refurbished features of GV Jurong Point:

  • 6 fully digital cinema halls (we were hosted at Hall 1)
  • 1062 seats
  • 14 wheelchair berths
  • Legroom space is 1.1m, compared to 0.90m previously (which is really awesome as you would not need to make space for the other patrons that would be walking past you if they come in later).
  • Stadium Seating
  • Wider & more luxurious Camatic cinema seats
  • Wall-to-Wall Spectro screens
  • 7.1 Dolby Sound system with premium-grade EAW (Eastern Acoustic Works) speakers from the United States
  • Refurbished box office, common areas, washrooms and candy bar counter

Promotions to celebrate the Opening of GV Jurong Point started today.

From 2nd to 23rd May, daily offers:
·  Monday: Free coke drink with purchase of one large popcorn
· Tuesday: $2 for two cheesy hotdogs (usual price $4)
·  Wednesday: All-day student pricing and $2 off on Nachos combo
·  Friday & Saturday: Free late-night parking at Jurong Point Shopping Centre
·  Sunday: Complimentary restaurant vouchers with every pair of tickets purchased before 2.00pm

As today was the grand opening for GV Jurong Point, GV invited Aunty Lucy (played by actor Dennis Chew) to make a guest appearance at GV Jurong Point. I didn’t manage to catch a photo with Aunty Lucy but I took a photo from the place that I was from (shy uh.)

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Review: Marvel’s The Avengers & Re-opening of Jurong Point Golden Village