try talking to strangers

I was feeling quite depressed in the afternoon after work. Partly because of career options and also because of my knee – too strenuous and probably frequent running might have caused this. Went to the TCM and got acupuncture on my right knee. Therefore never take health for granted (or in my case healthy joints for granted) as you never know what happens the next second.

Back to my point on “talking to strangers”, I saw this aunty who was knitting and I just asked her what was she knitting and she told me she was knitting a blouse. And we started a conversation on where she learned knitting and where I learned knitting (which was from youtube). It was an engaging conversation and I felt better talking to her despite the not-so-good feeling in the morning.

One thing good about talking to strangers than talking to friends is that strangers don’t judge and we don’t really have a wall that is built in between us. And after you bid farewell to the stranger you never know when you will see him/her again. Unknown stuffs that are known to strangers may be kept with them forever. Strike conversations with strangers and it may brighten your day somehow.

Photo attached is the fishnet yarn shawl that I’ve done for my mother for Mothers’ Day but she said she don’t have occasions to use it. Hopefully there will be. 🙂

Have a good day everyone!

try talking to strangers

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