being more inspired

Sometimes it really makes me wonder what have I been doing all this while, what have I been thinking all these times. Have I been wasting time on things that I don’t enjoy doing? Or have I not spent more time to do what I would love to do.

Parents & teachers tell us to work hard and maybe some day an apple will fall from the sky and hit your head, and realise that some gravity exists in this planet or some great invention would be created.

When somebody asked me what was my interests and what were my strengths but somehow I did not know how to answer. So I started googling on ‘Knowing yourself’. I came across this website and the author said write down every single thing of yourself, as many as one can, be it positive or negative, personal traits, past, future, strengths and weaknesses, success or failure. Then from there, do not be afraid of what you are, what you lack of, then overcome it. Therefore, I started writing things that was mentioned above. It was then when I realised that the things I have done were not very significant, it was really small things which may/may not have made any difference.

There were a number of regrets along the way. However, I also realised that there were many good things that actually happened to me. The people that helped me along the way, mentored me, gave me those really huge ideas to think about, those really awesome family friends that one could have etc.

So, I thought really hard when I was showering yesterday (yes, I think better when I’m showering), I had many good points and I do know what I want.

So if you are like me, is unsure of what to do maybe you could also write down what I’ve mentioned and probably it would inspire you like how it helped me to.

being more inspired

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