S.H.E is back!

Despite many ups and downs, accidents and injuries, happy moments of getting married and releasing singles, they are back performing on the same stage.

We should all learn to be strong and get up after each fall. This video is too touching and the first time i saw it, tears just started rolling down my cheeks. You should watch it too.

I posted on Facebook “I didn’t know there were so many friends that still liked S.H.E despite the Kpop-wave. Way to go mando-pop!”

S.H.E 终于在一起了!


WITnext Summer Camp 2012

Hello everyone!

I have attended the WITnext Summer Camp organised by WebInTravel.com. This was a two day conference and they called this a summercamp for the NEXT Generation which is US. Like us young people who aspire to be in the travel industry or want to know more about the industry. This was a really interesting one and I learned a lot.

I missed out on the first day and I only attended the networking dinner. The program was really good and I missed out a lot because of school in the morning till late etc. I went down to SMU right after class today and it was really fulfilling and I learned a lot from the industry leaders from the boot-camps like – “how to become a hospitality manager”, “revenue management”, “entrepreneurship” etc. My favourite sessions were those towards the end in the auditorium as follows:

CONFERENCE BEGINS – Mochtar Riady Auditorium, Level 5

15.40-16.00   Life’s Fun, So’s Work If You Get It Right – Stephan Ekbergh, CEO, Travelstart, South Africa

16.00-16.40   The Travel World’s Your Oyster – The Different Paths You Can Take

We know it’s a diverse industry. This is an industry that is as wide as it is deep, and in fact, travel and tourism is said to be a “good” industry because it offers opportunities for people from all walks of life and all strata of societies. From the bus drivers to the shop-keepers to the boat owners all of whom benefit from tourism. This panel will give you a glimpse of the kind of jobs availabie and the paths you can take.

Aaron Hung, Director of Partnerships, Asia Pacific, TripAdvisor
Ali Yilmaz, Head of Travel, Google South-east Asia
Philip Schaetz, Senior Vice President-Sales & Marketing, Kosmopolito Hotels International, Hong Kong
Charles Yap, Vice President, Communications, Discovery Networks Asia Pacific
Yeoh Siew Hoon, Editor & Founder, Web In Travel

16.40-17.10   What We Want

Human Resource Directors from the leading travel companies talk about the challenges they face, the job opportunities available and their requirements.

Helen Sim Hui Hiah, Head of Human Resources, Abacus International
Candice Lim, Director of Human Resources & Training, Ramada & Days Hotel, Singapore
Dan Lynn, CEO, AirAsia Expedia
Rosmalia Hardman, Director of Sales & Marketing & Executive Committee Member, W-Singapore Sentosa Cove

Moderator: Yeoh Siew Hoon, Editor & Founder, Web In Travel

17.10-17.30   The Dream Job Pitch: Grand Final

(from Program)

Really interesting stuffs and I took notes (whereby if you want I can share it with you personally) — as there are quite a fair bit to state it down here.

I was awarded the Most Social as I posted quite a number of photos of the conference on Facebook.

the awardees and myself!

These were the photos I posted:

and I really learned a lot from them.

and I won this!

Yes, Charlotte attended with me:

I loved the sandwich and the coffee that was being sponsored. It was an awesome Summer Camp and I learned a lot and I hope that there will be one in the near future! 🙂


WITnext Summer Camp 2012

no regrets, at least till now. 田馥甄 [To My Love] 新加坡演唱会2012

All this while I have been well, I can proudly say that I have at least went for my own-paid concert –

田馥甄 [To My Love] 新加坡演唱会2012

I spent my last one hundred dollars on the concert – which was worth every single penny. For the past 21 years, I have not been to any live concerts, the very last ticketed by SISTIC was Rocky Horror Musical which was not counted – that was a musical. I didn’t even attend the S.H.E concert before the accident happened to Selina, which I regretted very much as that might be the last time that they may perform together (hopefully soon in the near future).

I attended the concert with Kok Seng, whereby I really didn’t know that he liked Hebe also! I was quite surprised when he asked me whether I wanted to watch or not. Before that, I really wanted  to 寂寞寂寞就好 and then go alone, but I just wanted company but nobody wanted to watch Hebe with me as most of the friends are more into K-pop. Anyway, we met up and watched Madagascar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted in Lido whereby they were celebrating SAFRA’s 40th anniversary and got a free pair of movie tickets.

and we had free popcorn EACH!

while waiting, I just started taking photos:

It was a great movie! Happy Ending and the animals realised that they don’t actually need to live in a zoo to be happy. Therefore, I guess that was the end of the Madagascar movie series. The effects were good and it would have been better if it was in 3D. ^^

Then we headed to RWS and we really had nothing to do then Kok Seng just kept eating and eating like #foreverhungry. -.- And I was so full until I could die but still he can still put his food down his stomach. Hats off man seriously.

In the Compass Ballroom in RWS, this was what was shown on screen from where I was seated at:

And we were seated at Row 4, towards the right side of the stage, it was really in the front but it was difficult and I had to look at the screen most of the time.

There were medleys and strings of songs which that made my heart, body and soul melted very much. When Hebe appeared on stage, it was really like OMGGGGG, she started with an English song and played on piano. The really red hair –

That much that I could zoom in with my LX-5

More photos of the concert is in this link on facebook.

After the concert, I can really cross my heart and say that ‘I have no regrets’ at least till now, and if S.H.E’s going to come to Singapore for a concert after Selina’s long recovery and I would definitely go. I have already found friends to watch it with me, and I can sing almost every S.H.E song which I will think I will definitely enjoy it as much as I did for Hebe’s.

Report from HIM International on 田馥甄 [To My Love] 新加坡演唱会2012

no regrets, at least till now. 田馥甄 [To My Love] 新加坡演唱会2012

Support Equal Pay for Equal Work

I came across this Support Equal Pay for Equal work on the White House’s twitter (@whitehouse). I feel that it is important to support equal pay in the States. I am studying American Politics right now that is why I’m getting interested on how things work there.

I followed @whitehouse cos I thought it was cool to follow but I didn’t read it in detail, I even followed President Obama (@barackobama). Anyway, back to the equal pay status, I feel its important for both genders are paid equally. It is not like the female did not work as hard as the man did. Both genders took full-time jobs but the women are paid only 77 cents and the man are paid 1 dollar. Why is that so? Since we all live in a society that believes that both men and women are equal, why aren’t women paid equally?

As according to the White House’s blog:Equal pay for women is about more than just fairness. Women are breadwinners in more than 50 percent of American households, and if they’re making less than men do for the same work, families have to get with less money for childcare and tuition and rent, and small businesses have fewer customers. Everybody suffers. 

I strongly believe in what the White House blog also mentioned “hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and every American gets a fair shot to succeed.”

Please do help to pass around the message!