Support Equal Pay for Equal Work

I came across this Support Equal Pay for Equal work on the White House’s twitter (@whitehouse). I feel that it is important to support equal pay in the States. I am studying American Politics right now that is why I’m getting interested on how things work there.

I followed @whitehouse cos I thought it was cool to follow but I didn’t read it in detail, I even followed President Obama (@barackobama). Anyway, back to the equal pay status, I feel its important for both genders are paid equally. It is not like the female did not work as hard as the man did. Both genders took full-time jobs but the women are paid only 77 cents and the man are paid 1 dollar. Why is that so? Since we all live in a society that believes that both men and women are equal, why aren’t women paid equally?

As according to the White House’s blog:Equal pay for women is about more than just fairness. Women are breadwinners in more than 50 percent of American households, and if they’re making less than men do for the same work, families have to get with less money for childcare and tuition and rent, and small businesses have fewer customers. Everybody suffers. 

I strongly believe in what the White House blog also mentioned “hard work pays off, responsibility is rewarded, and every American gets a fair shot to succeed.”

Please do help to pass around the message!


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