the first time on the same day!

Hello everyone,

I haven’t got the time to post something as the past few weeks were really busy. Summer after summer and we were only gave a weekend to catch our breaths before starting new modules. Everything has been well and good. I would like to post some first time experiences that I had last week, namely rollerblading and billard. Both were first attempts. I would consider a first attempt even for rollerblading although I have actually done it (on the grass) during the Girl Guides camp in Secondary 1 which was around eight years ago, I didn’t even manage to stand up and blade so that’s not counted! HAHA anyway I had really good coaches. My Campfire mates were really nice to coach and guide me along! I fell many times on my backside and knee but the knee, wrist, and elbow guards were all really good. Without them, my skin would all have came off! HAHA we didn’t really manage to take a lot of photos during the time because we were all busy learning and falling (for me!)

this is my favourite photo!



After that, I went to play pool with my brother and the group of guys that we worked together during the good old banquet days in Intercontinental Hotel. We didn’t get a group photo but I will try to get one the next time when the twins come together. 🙂

Myself and Soon Tian


and this is my brother Dominic who kept wanting me to get a photo of him:


School is coming to an end and there are two weeks break, the goal of learning to play the ukulele with a few songs and to perform in front of the campfire mates will come true soon! 🙂

the first time on the same day!

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