Time to support

Hello everyone! Hope you have been well and good! 🙂

I have been really busy despite its the holidays now! Still working three days a week and a bit more these two weeks and everything’s well and good too!

Recently I was tasked this project a week before school ended and I went around asking my classmates and my friends what exactly they want to do with their life in the future. It was really nice of them for being able to appear in my video and give me good comments Although there were some technical glitch, I am still very thankful of it.

This project was quite last minute and I was given two weeks to finish but I am still very proud of myself for being able to finish it so fast! The video may look a bit unprofessional but I have done my best to make it as professional as possible (with my humble Panasonic LX5 and my laptop’s Windows Movie Maker). It was my first attempt and I am really proud of it.

This is the video, please support! –

This Friday is the UNLV Singapore Orientation for the August Intake. My team and I will be setting up a booth for the PATA Singapore Student Chapter and we are all very excited about it! Or rather I am really excited cos we really need to come up with a lot of events to build our portfolio and make the club as relevant as possible. My team is a really good one and I am grateful for that.

Hopefully I can post some pictures taken at the orientation and I also hope to see my LRM juniors there as well. 🙂


Time to support