Love and LIVE life!

Love and LIVE life!

Thought that I needed a quote to encourage myself about loving life. and so i found this on google and decided to post this. Assignments are in the midst of completion and things are going well. I am so looking forward to the end of the year and I really hope something comes true! 🙂

Love and LIVE life!


hello my friends!

i haven’t been updating my wordpress for a month and I hope to keep it as updated as possible (hopefully).

School is now 16 weeks semester and I seriously think it is a chore. I was too lethargic for the first few weeks of school and I am now feeling the stress! I have so many assignments to complete OMG.

I haven’t been going out for dinners with friends and now mostly work etc. 

The UNLV trip to Vegas is confirmed in the month of June. We will be in Vegas for five weeks for Working with Diversity and Festivals & Events Management! I am really looking excited for it! Only eight months left to work, earn, scrimp and save! It would be a good one! 😀

I will be working for Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights 2 as an attractions crew!

Talk to you soon.

pris ❤