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Really quick update:

  1. Finals (in a two weeks time)
  2. Prep Law Cheat Sheet (due on Thursday)
  3. 台湾见学 (@ the airport on 13 Dec midnight – which is 12-13 days more)
  4. JLPT N5 (On this Sunday)

That’s all for now I suppose. I have never looked forward to Holidays THIS BADLY.


coming soon…

the first day of december

Just something I thought I could just quickly update about stuffs happening right at the moment, it is the month of December. and Yes, time flies and its now the last month of the year. I am still saving and earning hard for the Las Vegas Overseas Immersion Program that will be happening from June to July next year. I have already booked and purchased my tickets and staying over a few days in Tokyo on the way home. Yes, I am finally going to Japan! Really looking forward to it.

I have transferred out of Universal Studios Singapore, and I am now attached to Marine Life Park at the Guest Services department with my friend Yeevonn. I knew it was hard to leave, as the time flew by. I always wanted a transfer but I did not know that it was so fast that I was finally leaving USS, the place that I enjoyed working at very much.

It started all the way back in Park Services, with Grayson being my interviewer when the mass recruitment was in TP and tried to convince me to join Park Services, saying how much interaction that we will have with the guests (indeed it was!) After that, joining Alicia and Yoke Jin at the RWS Induction at Pandan Gardens and seeing the casino staff training in a room that had gaming tables and the whole thing was really like a casino. Met Karen and Robert during lunch time. That was all in December 2009.

Fast-forward to 2010, when I had my PS training with Alicia, Huiting, Kenn, Kelias, Uncle Siew Foo, Uncle Eddie, Jerome and another girl and Grayson was our trainer then. I got a shock when I knew I had to do TCC and sweeper which was really O.O, got a chance to go on the Enchanted Airways which was the very first roller-coaster I took in USS (at the pre-opening). And for the later casual days that I worked, I looked forward to each working day in USS as ridership would be open for staff to go on the rides. I enjoyed all the times and I really liked the people whom I worked with in Park Services – which was why I did my Internship with PS. I enjoyed myself, I made good friends and learnt new things. I enjoyed my midnight shift with Alicia, Catherine, and Aunty Beelian. 🙂

As I had always been in Zone one for almost the whole of my internship, I saw the Pantages HWT and I really liked the show and I loved the uniform as well. Then after my internship, I decided to do a transfer to Pantages which then created another great experience during my times at USS. Again, I made really great friends that were really nice people to be with. Was there for one and a half year and seen many people come and go, be it for National Service or further career advancements.

Due to some restructuring of the attraction, and also the lack of availability inside, there were open shifts at Transformers which I also decided to pick up and try to work for a bigger attraction. Experienced the 21k crowd in Transformers which went up to 2hrs and 30 mins which I totally enjoyed it. I did those non-safety positions and I made friends there and I liked the things that were there as well.

Gone through two Halloween Horror Nights with the Attractions department which I enjoyed it very much.

I am now in Marine Life Park which I am totally amazed about how the structure is like in the S.E.A aquarium itself. Be it at Adventure Cove Waterpark or the aquarium, I just love how the shoals of fishes enjoy themselves and I believe it is a great learning platform for young children as well as adults to educate themselves and learn about the marine life. After the tour in the aquarium, it really increased my interest in Marine Life which made me want to know and learn more about it. I believe you would and I feel that the entrance fee of $29 is worth every cent.

As I now embark on the next stage of my part-time work with Marine Life Park, I believe I would be able to learn more things on the way, which would enrich my life and give me more stories to tell my next generation! 🙂

the first day of december