a sumo-inspired post

Few months back, I did some research on “must-dos in Tokyo” and I saw this part on sumo wrestlers. I have always been interested in sumo-wrestlers and their way of life; and I went to youtube “life of a sumo wrestler” which brought me to this 90 minute documentary:

It was pretty interesting to gain some insights of the life of a sumo wrestler. The main character for this documentary started out after high school and started training at a heya in Tokyo. This documentary follows him from the time he wakes up to his rigorous training to preparing food for his seniors until his bedtime.

This video is a good watch, do watch it if you’re like me. I highly recommend watching this video; I don’t really watch long documentaries on youtube on my own (other than my professors in school makes us do so). Initially I wanted to watch it for a while then stop it, but the story line was good and I continued till the end. Video is just below, click and play! 🙂

a sumo-inspired post

another visit to the SEA Aquarium

Having worked at the Marine Life Park for the past three months, and at the aquarium at least six times out of ten was really an eye-opener for me. Although I have worked so many times but just tend to miss out on a lot of those fishes & species.

I shall not reveal the main purpose for today’s site tour but it was just amazing to be a guest for the evening. It was really amazing to be brought around by a guide and explaining the different species etc.

After today, I will learn to appreciate the fishes and the species even better. 🙂

Exams on two modules on Thursday :O

Have a great week!


The two countries that I love most,

Japan and Taiwan. Not that I don’t like my homeland – Singapore, but sometimes I just hope to be part of that two countries, sometimes because of the awesome music and culture that they have. Firstly, for I was so much into S.H.E, the well-known Taiwanese girl group for almost a decade, and Mayday (五月天) for the male band. Then for Japanese, AKB48 and now Flumpool which are somewhat similar. The difference between S.H.E and AKB48 is the age of the girls and the number in the girl group. As for Flumpool and Mayday, both are male bands only difference in nationality.

I didn’t know about Flumpool until last year when my Japanese Language teacher showed us a youtube video on Flumpool and said that the lead singer was her University friend. o.O   Hmmm anyway I didn’t think too much about it until I came across Flumpool’s 証明 in Chinese whereby the lyrics were done by Shin from Mayday. The original Flumpool’s akashi (証) music and lyrics was by Flumpool and the only difference now is just the language.

Let me just show you –





Another song – OAOA: Original song was in Chinese by Mayday and Flumpool helped with the lyrics and it became a Japanese song!


OAOA (Chinese Version) – Mayday



OAOA (Japanese Version) – Flumpool




The two countries that I love most,