a fun-filled 22nd! (Part 2)

Hello all,

I am back with the continuation of the 1st of April of the 22nd Birthday Celebration. It was just another normal school day but since I have done my haircut, so I decided to slightly special for the day so I put on my jumper which made I made myself look like Maruko-chan (小丸子). Didn’t have any plans for my birthday so I just headed down for lunch/tea-break before the next class started. Bumped into a group of my classmates at the lift lobby and went for brunch with them which they then celebrated my birthday for me which really caught me unexpected.

And these were the classmates that celebrated my birthday for me which I am seriously thankful for.

Faith, Sharon, Adeline, Joan, Yan Ting, Li Yin, Shuying, Angel and Vanessa

Then we went back to school to cut the cake into pieces and it was Oreo Cheesecake and shared it with everyone, caught a photo with those at the end of the school/class.

Angel & Faith
Joan, Faith and Li Yin (in some weird position)




Vanessa & Sandy


Pengxin, Jiawen and Pei Rong



TX, Nina, Shirlyn & Shermaine
Yan Ting (and I look taller than her right!)

On the way out, I met Serena that passed me a box of 12cupcakes which was also shared together with YeeVonn I thought it was really nice of them. I was sitting in front of the 12cupcakes shop with Jacq the day before and wondering how good the cupcakes were and TA-DAH I had three of these 12cupcakes for my birthday. SO SWEET of them 🙂

Serena and the cupcakes!

& I loved the cupcakes so much that I decided to snap a photo with it and it looked so cute that I put it as my Facebook profile photo 😀


Went to Club Lounge to visit Cynthia because Tuesday was her last day of internship and my working day was only on Thursday so I went to look for her, and took a photo with her and Vivian as well.



one of my other favourite full-timer Vivian!

Waited for Yeevonn to end class and we caught up for a bit.

Yeevonn and cupcakes box (couldn’t catch the cupcakes cos the self-shot was a bit fail) HAHAHA

Met Nic Soon, Qian Han, Luchella at the lobby so we went to Tom Palette’s for ice-cream and Nic had kindly treated me some really nice ice-cream and they sang birthday song for me (on an ice cream!)

Nic Soon, Luchella, Qian Han & Yee Vonn


Then, I headed for Japanese Class which my Japanese classmates and my sensei celebrated my birthday for me. Ziyang bought a Glace strawberry cake which was totally sinful (but totally worth it!), Joey bought a box of J.Co donuts and I bought some Tom’s Palette’s ice-cream to share. Was feasting but totally enjoyed it. Had a cake and sang birthday song again! 😀

Japanese Class! Ishida Sensei, Ziyang and Joey!

Went home and was presented this oh-s0-awesome cake that my dear brother Dominic bought for me right after he booked out from camp. Heard from my mom that he booked out with all his heavy bags, went to the 201 and bought this 3kg cake and walked home (cake + heavy luggage). How can I not be touched ❤ Very blessed. Had another birthday cake and a song!

After the whole birth-day celebration thing, I had many things that went through my mind, which taught me time actually proves everything which I feel that there are a lot of things that I need to learn to be grateful and thankful for. Very thankful and grateful to those who actually remembered my birthday, wished me Happy Birthday in school, online, offline and everywhere they were. Thank you to all who did and I will definitely remember this meaningful 22nd birthday celebrations for the rest of my life.

a fun-filled 22nd! (Part 2)

a fun-filled 22nd! (part 1)

I just celebrated my 22nd on Monday (1st April), but my celebration started on 31 March (Sunday). In the morning I had 补习班 and so all the 教导员&班员celebrated for me by getting a super duper chocolatey cake (Super Sinful but its ok). Got a photo with the April babies but not everyone which was quite wasted hmmmm.

Chen FTZ, myself, wenxiang and my brother Darren

After bxb, I headed down to Tampines to meet Jacquelyn for USS. Her first trip there and my first trip as a guest (finally) after leaving USS for Marine Life Park. Haven’t got a chance to ride the Sesame Street Ride so our first ride was that! really kiddish but I liked the theming 🙂 Got some photos with the Sesame Street mascots like Oscar the Grouch and Ernie.

Jacq and Me!~

with Oscar the Grouch
Inside the attraction and I loved the wall murals.
one of the scenes in the ride
bumped into Jasmine with her parents before the Monster Rock Show
went on the Madagascar ride!
Sesame Street Shop

There were many a times that the weather was bad, Transformers was down then we had to settle for something else. We were so hungry that we went to other places and sustained our hunger till 6pm before having our dinner at Loui’s Pizza. I picked a good spot and the place that we were sitting on had a good view to the parade.

Fairy Godmother
Pinocchio and Puss in Boots
Jurassic Park

It had been a long time since USS had guests asking the Goodbye Party for photo-taking (when I was doing Goodbye Party) last time. Loved how things were done then and I got everyone to take a photo with the birthday girl 😀

Goodbye Party!

This kinda wraps up 31st March 2013, which was also the same day that I had my 21st birthday celebration last year. I’ll post up a part two (which is also my actual birthday) during the next two days.

a fun-filled 22nd! (part 1)

Walking on Earth

After watching the Chronicle life of a Sumo Wrestler, yours truly was inspired to write an “After Thoughts” post which was then  published on the school newsletter (Earth Walkers) If you see the attached document below, you can see the main points that were extracted from the video, as well as some research done on the topic itself.


In addition, PATA Singapore UNLV Student Chapter organised a Royal Caribbean Legends of the Seas Cruise Ship Tour and I contributed my write-up for the whole trip which was really interesting, I should say.




Walking on Earth