Singapore VS United States

There were many people I met here in the United States that either knew or do not know anything about Singapore.

Those who acted like they know – said Singapore is exotic.  If not they would just keep asking about the exact location-even if you tell them its Asia and they still don’t know really *face palm*

Those who knew about Singapore said “I heard its a very clean city”, “if you bring drugs in you get death sentence”, “chewing gums are not allowed in Singapore”, “it is a very rich country”, “its very safe at night”, “its one of the three tigers”. All the above were really very true which I don’t disagree on. I mean I am proud to be a singaporean and I go around telling people I meet in here that I am from Singapore and I feel really good about it.

However, sometimes I do hope that our people will be more graceful and independent like clearing your tables after you are done with your food; holding the door for others, saying thank you, being more traffic friendly, smile at others even if you don’t know them, praise each other and feel good about yourself.

I think when I go back I will miss the service, the people, the portion of food and the value for money for the foods that you pay for. Sometimes I think I would rather pay more for something and get more value rather than paying cheaper then get no value in your purchase at all. I really cannot emphasize more on the theory of 一分钱一分货

Singapore VS United States

Man of Steel @ the Orleans Casino

Century Theatre at Orleans Casino - Man of Steel
Century Theatre at Orleans Casino – Man of Steel (16 June)

It was really nice to hang out with this group of friends – Hafiez, Ray, Alfred, Cordelia and Camellia and my roomie Santhyaa!

I swear this is the first time I fell asleep in the theatre, not that i disliked the shop but its was just not my kind of movie. It was interesting to join locals for their movie screening then finding out at the end of the movie they do applause (unlike Singapore). People here are more engaged. Took the “Neoprint” and it was $3. fun stuffs.


Crystals, ARIA and Zarkana

Crystals, ARIA and Zarkana - Cirque du Soleil
Crystals, ARIA and Zarkana – Cirque du Soleil (15 June)

Visited Crystals, and watched the world-renowned Cirque du Soleil Zarkana. Since my Intro to LeiRec class in TAS, I have always wanted to watch Cirque. I finally caught Cirque du Soleil in the Land of Sin!

Rebel card has discounts for the tickets too!

I watched the Cirque audition youtube documentary before going for the actual cirque show so if you were to ask me if it was good or not, I would say it was very good because it was really hardwork and the stunts were not easy.

Crystals, ARIA and Zarkana

The first time to everything


I ended class early today so I decided to go across the street to do some exploring.

I believe there is always a first time to everything so this are the things that is did.

This is the first time I:

wrote a postcard in Las Vegas and sent it to Marisa that is now residing in New York. (I’ve never sent a postcard althought I have always wanted to)

used a crossroad in the States. There were instructions like you press the button, the oncoming cars will stop for you and say “thank you” to the drivers while crossing. This is similar to zebra crossing but you just press a button and a light will light up from the traffic light and cars will then stop for you.

visited the post office in United States. There was this PRC that was at the counter and he had some difficulty in communicating with the guy in the post office. So I went up to the PRC and asked him if he needed any help so that I could help him translate to the staff. Used Mandarin Chinese with the man and english to the staff which was really interesting. I was quite amused on how they were communicating but I tried to help them resolve the situation which was kinda cool.

bought a Tuscan Bagel from Einstein Bros Bagel (which is what I am having right now which is really tasty)

So far experience here in Las Vegas have been exciting and I really don’t want to go home yet.

The first time to everything

Food in Las Vegas

There are different kinds of foods in Las Vegas. because we were all so sick of fast food, we decided to seek for other foods that are similar. It was pretty interesting to see how things are different back at home.

Take for example the design of the paper bag in McDonalds. The food that was served was also different. Beverages were free-flow, you can drink as much as you want. However, the people here are not as kiasu as people back home. They would not bring bottles to collect these beverages. People here would normally consume then leave the restaurant. It is so different just by looking at the food alone.

McDonalds at South Maryland Parkway

I dined at the Rainforest Cafe @ MGM Grand with my roomie Santhyaa and some of my classmates on the Las Vegas Strip. Rainforest Cafe was once in Liang Court beside Daimaru and it has been closed for many years. I don’t really remember the last time I saw it – which was really long time ago. Food served was good, but service was a bit slower because they were running full house but nonetheless, it was really well-themed and I enjoyed the foods and the company.

Rainforest Cafe @ MGM Grand

The King & I is  a Thai restaurant that is opposite our school and it was interesting to know that they do deliveries to UNLV students and the food served here was really authentic and I haven’t tasted something so tasty back at home. I enjoyed their service very much and we had a chat with the deliveryman who is already a grandfather. He was also a student in NSU (Nevada South University) back in 1969 before it was known as UNLV now. He told us when he first started his hotel major and he was using textbooks that were written by Cornell University Professors but after a few years the Cornell professors came to UNLV to become professors. It took UNLV 5 years to be comparable to Cornell and Duke which was interesting to know. Good food and service, and they do serve Vegetarian food! 10% discount for Lunch and 15% discount for Dinner. ONLY for UNLV Students.

ImageThe King & I
Food in Las Vegas