School in UNLV

This is the third day of official school with books, notes, lectures and tutorials in UNLV.

I am currently taking
TCA 490 – Special Events Management by Kristen Malek and
HMD 320 – Diversity Management by Dr Carl Braunlik (who has a Chinese name – Bo Kai)

For HMD 320, there is no final exam (which is the most awesome thing on earth), but there are four 1000-word essay to be submitted and four quizzes each week. We have this special device which is the iClicker by Apple which works out something like “Who wants to be a millionaire” and students will vote and press buttons based on questions that were being posted on the screen and select questions accordingly. The device looks something like this –


Points will be given out using this device to indicate our participation and attendance for the class. The next item below is a coupon that is issued by the teacher to encourage classroom participation.

Coupon Ticket

We will keep the bottom and our names are written at the back when we return it to the teacher.

As for the special events class, it is really special as the class is split into committees – F&B, Operations, Marketing and Activities. I am in the Operations Team and we will be doing an event which is something really interesting at the end of the semester. This module is a capstone module which we apply what-ever that we have learned from the previous modules into this one. I think I will enjoy myself a lot in this class. 😉 We’ve got an assistant prof (Prof Joe) with F&B background for this one. Quizzes goes everyday for two weeks.

This was today’s lunch which was really good – I like the chicken salad very much!
Lagsana, Mashed Potato and Sausage was really good! 😀


Honolulu Large Pizza – Really different from pizzas in Singapore. WAY BETTER
Dinner shared among Renkai, Angel and me! & A Bottle of 2litre Coke.

That’s all for today.

Hopefully it will be better tomorrow!

School in UNLV

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