The first time to everything


I ended class early today so I decided to go across the street to do some exploring.

I believe there is always a first time to everything so this are the things that is did.

This is the first time I:

wrote a postcard in Las Vegas and sent it to Marisa that is now residing in New York. (I’ve never sent a postcard althought I have always wanted to)

used a crossroad in the States. There were instructions like you press the button, the oncoming cars will stop for you and say “thank you” to the drivers while crossing. This is similar to zebra crossing but you just press a button and a light will light up from the traffic light and cars will then stop for you.

visited the post office in United States. There was this PRC that was at the counter and he had some difficulty in communicating with the guy in the post office. So I went up to the PRC and asked him if he needed any help so that I could help him translate to the staff. Used Mandarin Chinese with the man and english to the staff which was really interesting. I was quite amused on how they were communicating but I tried to help them resolve the situation which was kinda cool.

bought a Tuscan Bagel from Einstein Bros Bagel (which is what I am having right now which is really tasty)

So far experience here in Las Vegas have been exciting and I really don’t want to go home yet.

The first time to everything

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