Singapore VS United States

There were many people I met here in the United States that either knew or do not know anything about Singapore.

Those who acted like they know – said Singapore is exotic.  If not they would just keep asking about the exact location-even if you tell them its Asia and they still don’t know really *face palm*

Those who knew about Singapore said “I heard its a very clean city”, “if you bring drugs in you get death sentence”, “chewing gums are not allowed in Singapore”, “it is a very rich country”, “its very safe at night”, “its one of the three tigers”. All the above were really very true which I don’t disagree on. I mean I am proud to be a singaporean and I go around telling people I meet in here that I am from Singapore and I feel really good about it.

However, sometimes I do hope that our people will be more graceful and independent like clearing your tables after you are done with your food; holding the door for others, saying thank you, being more traffic friendly, smile at others even if you don’t know them, praise each other and feel good about yourself.

I think when I go back I will miss the service, the people, the portion of food and the value for money for the foods that you pay for. Sometimes I think I would rather pay more for something and get more value rather than paying cheaper then get no value in your purchase at all. I really cannot emphasize more on the theory of 一分钱一分货

Singapore VS United States

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