Today I hitched a ride

I was supposed to meet my friend Charlotte after my shopping at the Boulevard Mall so I just got on the bus, followed my GPS which was reliable until I reached the bus terminal. Everything was going according to plan only until the driver drove two stops ahead from where I was supposed to alight. He told me how I was supposed to take the same bus back towards the opposite direction. 

Alighted, checked the next bus only to find out that the bus would only come in an hour. The area that I was at was Martin Luther boulevard which was damn quiet. I got worried so I just thought it might be better if I walked down the street. But after when I left the bus stop for 5mins the bus that I supposed to board drove past me.
(T . T) Continued towards the next bus stop till I reached the next junction.

While I was crossing the junction, i heard some noise, turned back, saw two black punks and it looked like they were calling out for me. I was so worried and scared and started brisk walking and started praying. That was like the first time I got so afraid that I might get caught and raped or what in a foreign land on my last week before going home. :(((

Continued walking till the next bus stop, waited for 20mins, saw no bus. Saw a female local, only to find out that the frequency was 30mins.

I tried to wait but there was no bus to be seen. Then I spotted a gas station in front thinking if there might be someone that can help me. Walked up to the gas station and tried to look out for leaving cars that can help me out or something. The first car that I saw rejected me and I went up to another man to try my luck if he could help me out. Tried to explain myself and my situation to him and he decided to help me out after refilling his gas on his van.

After waiting for him, I hopped on his van and he fetched me to the north premium mall. On the ride, i found out that he repairs aircon for a living and he was a Mexican. When I reached my destination, I shook his hands really hard and passed him a Singapore two dollar note. He initially refused because he said he doesn’t charge. But I insisted that he keep the note as a souvenir.

After this entire experience, I can say that I am really lucky to meet really kind people that were willing to help me out. I am really very thankful and grateful for the ride, if not I would not have met my friend safely.

This Hitch ride shall be the first and the last time. Too scary and my heart cannot take it.

Side note: We as Singaporeans should totally be thankful that we are really tiny and easy to get around and stop complaining about our world-class transport like seriously.

Today I hitched a ride

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