After-thoughts of New Mexico

After-thoughts of New Mexico

Photo of a Belgium toddler that I met in Old Town Albuquerque while I was there snapping photos and I saw him. Talked to the mother and found out that they were visiting from Belgium. Tried speaking french with the kid which was just bad. Wanted to get a picture with the boy but took together with the mom instead because he did not want to look in the camera (which turned out really well!)

I really liked New Mexico very very much. I did not expect myself going there. Really. Initially when Joshua told me about New Mexico I was like “where was that?” I did not know what was there in the town but what I knew was just Albuquerque which was well-known for its Hot Air Balloons and some scenic views.

But after three days spent eating local Mexican food, understanding their culture, observing people and their way of life, it was really an eye-opening experience. One can find so many things in the town from cultures to architectures (adobes), famous international attractions (Sandia Peak Tramway, White Sands National Monument) to adventures (road trips and Hot Air Balloon Flights). It was such a fulfilling experience and I loved the cultures that they had. I learned that Native Americans (Indian Pueblos) were the first few that had their roots there.

I enjoyed Santa Fe and Albuquerque very much. I always believe in exploring new places and cultures that are not available back here at home. In fact, the four of us were the only Asians that were there which was really interesting.

I am thankful for great travelling buddies (Joshua, Hidayah and Mellissa) that made the trip so fulfilling and fun!


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