It has been two weeks since school ended so I have been sending out my resumes to many companies and going out for interviews.

I do enjoy the things that I am doing right now but i feel that it is just not enough to sustain for the long run. So I think I would need a full-time position with things to learn.

Initially I thought it might be easy to look for a good position with a decent pay since I am a degree holder but with the industry that I am in. (And I also believe in other industries as well) would require some experience in order to request for a higher compensation.

The interviews that I have gone so far I have concluded it is important to learn as much as possible as employers are really looking for people with experience. Even for people like me who has kinda worked everywhere for some period of time still do not have the experience that an employer would require for the position.

Therefore, personally I feel, with what I have learned and thru personal experience, although part time jobs are fun and all, it is also very important that one gets a part time job that is relevant to what he/she thinks that it might be interested for them to do it in the future.   I feel that it will be easier for you to get the choice of career that you want and probably easier to get a higher remuneration.

Just my two cents worth.


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