One step closer.


I am finally at JLPT N4. This Sunday will be the examination for it. I will press on and study it well. I hope that I can pass this N4 and proceed to N3 next year.

One step closer.


妈妈说我 为什么不会知足常乐



从头到尾去了 大马,印尼巴里,台湾,日本东京,美国 拉斯维加斯



“Travel makes one modest,

“Travel makes one modest, you see what a tiny place you occupy in this world” – Gustave Flaubert

I recently just had my friend Hafiez tagging us on his long-lost Las Vegas photos, and the one that we all went out of school and took the local bus to the local casino to the local cinema. That was with Camelia, Cordelia, Santhyaa, Rayvern and Alfred. I would never forget that Superman movie which I watched and fell asleep in the cinema in the New Orleans. That was the first week of school in UNLV main campus.

This is the post that I posted previously

I miss travelling so much. The most extensive one which was year 2013 – this year in June – July which I am really thankful that I had so many adventures of my own. Caused a disappearance on the last day of school which I was supposed to catch a flight to look at the hotels and the casinos that I did not had a chance to do so previously due to school projects and poor time management. I caused so much trouble to all my classmates and they all went out to the Strip to look for me. I was very safe at that point in time. I felt that I owe everyone an explanation on what had happened. I am thankful to all of the mates that went around to look for me and I am sorry that I had caused so much trouble for everybody.

Despite all the above, I am lucky that I was able to make it on time to the plane and reached Japan safe and sound which then i was on my own again to explore Harajuku then Kiddy Land. Had my first bowl of ramen in Harajuku and observing how things are being done. Exploring the town on my own and finding out that most shops closed at 9pm. Still felt unsatisfied and walked into a neo-print shop and put some money into the capsule machine and got some AKB48 capsule which had a RINO handphone strap. Following that, on the next day, I met up with Kato-san and she brought me to tour Mount Fuji and the Fuji Five Lakes using the local bus tour. After that I was guided to the Natsu Matsuri at Yasukuni Jinja. It was a summer festival that I wanted to see for myself for the longest time ever which I got to see it for real.

The next day Kato-san guided me around Tokyo and we went to Shinjuku’s Takashimaya for Suki-yaki; Opposite Isetan for Matcha Kaki-gori; Akihabara for AKB48 Cafe and Shop and the electronics building; Asakusa for Kaminari-mon and Tokyo Skytree which was a 20-30minutes walk-away. While viewing the Skytree, it made me more determined to come back and visit and explore Japan again. There were indeed many things to look, see and enjoy.

In travelling, one would lose their way and mind. It is always important that one is able to find him/herself, pick up and move ahead from where they lost their way.


Dolphin Trek

I had the privilege of doing Dolphin Trek today for the second time.

I did it before on my second week of work and it was a different experience from the one today. It was a trial for us to understand more about the Dolphin Trek program.

It was really interesting as one could see how the dolphins behave under the water. Dolphin Trek is a fully submerged program whereby the equipment used are those from the Sea Trek which originated from a dive company in California. They had a goal to also let non-divers (like me) to also have a chance to experience the under water world. The helmet works like a overturned cup in the water whereby one had to remain in an upright position if not you will taste the salt water (ewwww).

The experience under the water was really interesting and one could see so much action under the water with the dolphins. One can interact with the dolphins under water and they are all so adorable. The divers and the marine mammal specialists are very professional and they took care of us very well.

I am not sure how much detail I can go into. But if you would like to know more about the Dolphin Trek program. You can ask me personally, I would be more than happy to telll you about it.

To sum up, I feel extremely blessed to be able to experience this interaction program and I hope if you (readers) have an opportunity in the future to do it please do. Someone like me who cannot swim well can experience it so thoroughly, I believe you can as well.

Dolphin Trek

5 weeks of full-time work.


I have started work for 5 weeks and talking about high turnover in the industry, one can feel when he/she is in it.

I have been doing it all part time/casual but this is considered the official full-time (other than that full time working in that thai restaurant for 2 & a half months – cheap labour: $800, split shift, no cpf & working like a dog).

I am working at Dolphin Island which is located inside Adventure Cove Waterpark. Attraction within an attraction. I am doing Reservations at Dolphin Island whereby I pick up phone calls, answer to phone queries and having guest asking questions about the carpark which I am totally clueless about.

This is also considered my official first desk bound job. I was used to going out under the sun and meeting people. But this was the first that I had to sit behind a desk and in front of a computer doing work. Despite all that, I feel happy at my workplace although it does get mundane at times. I also found out that I like replying to emails, doing coordination, booking/processing reservations and would like to handle cash (but not at the moment). I would like to learn more from the system instead of being restricted to my own access unlike the manager’s access.

Also, getting to see dolphins everyday as they greet you when you come to work or bid you goodbye when you go home is awesome.

its a really happy environment to be in. And I am glad that I am here.

5 weeks of full-time work.