5 weeks of full-time work.


I have started work for 5 weeks and talking about high turnover in the industry, one can feel when he/she is in it.

I have been doing it all part time/casual but this is considered the official full-time (other than that full time working in that thai restaurant for 2 & a half months – cheap labour: $800, split shift, no cpf & working like a dog).

I am working at Dolphin Island which is located inside Adventure Cove Waterpark. Attraction within an attraction. I am doing Reservations at Dolphin Island whereby I pick up phone calls, answer to phone queries and having guest asking questions about the carpark which I am totally clueless about.

This is also considered my official first desk bound job. I was used to going out under the sun and meeting people. But this was the first that I had to sit behind a desk and in front of a computer doing work. Despite all that, I feel happy at my workplace although it does get mundane at times. I also found out that I like replying to emails, doing coordination, booking/processing reservations and would like to handle cash (but not at the moment). I would like to learn more from the system instead of being restricted to my own access unlike the manager’s access.

Also, getting to see dolphins everyday as they greet you when you come to work or bid you goodbye when you go home is awesome.

its a really happy environment to be in. And I am glad that I am here.

5 weeks of full-time work.

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