Dolphin Trek

I had the privilege of doing Dolphin Trek today for the second time.

I did it before on my second week of work and it was a different experience from the one today. It was a trial for us to understand more about the Dolphin Trek program.

It was really interesting as one could see how the dolphins behave under the water. Dolphin Trek is a fully submerged program whereby the equipment used are those from the Sea Trek which originated from a dive company in California. They had a goal to also let non-divers (like me) to also have a chance to experience the under water world. The helmet works like a overturned cup in the water whereby one had to remain in an upright position if not you will taste the salt water (ewwww).

The experience under the water was really interesting and one could see so much action under the water with the dolphins. One can interact with the dolphins under water and they are all so adorable. The divers and the marine mammal specialists are very professional and they took care of us very well.

I am not sure how much detail I can go into. But if you would like to know more about the Dolphin Trek program. You can ask me personally, I would be more than happy to telll you about it.

To sum up, I feel extremely blessed to be able to experience this interaction program and I hope if you (readers) have an opportunity in the future to do it please do. Someone like me who cannot swim well can experience it so thoroughly, I believe you can as well.

Dolphin Trek

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