For the year 2013

2013 was a great year for me. I have so many blessings to count for this year. Befor this year ends, I would like to note down on the special things that have happened and the lessons learnt.

I have made new friends and really great ones and also lost some friends but I still believe that I have so many people that I need to be thankful for.

2013 was a year of achievements and many things that I would have never done it in the lifetime.

– achieved JLPT N5 certification
– travelled to Las Vegas for 5 weeks
– hitched a ride in Las Vegas (Martin Luther King Avenue – pretty near the outskirts after the North Las Vegas Outlet mall; forgot to call the police for help)
– visited SeaWorld in San Diego with Angel and thanking the Park Services uncle for keeping the park cleanliness and telling him that I was a Park Services in USS during my internship
– skydived and jumped off a plane from 15,000 feet
– took a Hot Air Balloon in New Mexico, Alburquerque at 10,000 feet above ground with Joshua, Hidayah and Mellissa
– visited Zion National Park and survived the 4 hour drive from L.V with Hidayah, Joshua and Leon
– visited White Sands National Park and got stopped by the border policemen
– watched Burlesque Burlesque (women topless strip show) in Flamingo Las Vegas with Edith on my last day in Vegas.
– watched Cirque du Soleil Zurkana with Santhyaa which was like a must-watch from intro to leisure and recreation class from Mr Michael Yeo last time
– graduated from UNLV with flying colours
– was the Chairperson for PATA Singapore UNLV Student Chapter. Held many successful events with the assistance of many capable subcommittee and juniors members
– taught myself to be a more decisive and better person
– travelled to Japan and took the local tour bus and visited Mt. Fuji
– used more Japanese in Japan instead of the usual すみません and all
– visited the main AKB48 shop in Akihabara, Japan (like “yeah! Finally!!” But I did not buy any merchandise cos it was quite off my budget)
– visited a Summer Festival (夏祭り) at the Yasukuni Shrine (靖国神社) with 加藤さん
– transferred to Guest Services (casual) with Yeevonn with the help of Jazreel at Adventure Cove Waterpark and met some really nice guests and colleagues during my course of work there. (Like Mel, Jonas, Jaedon, Sam, Jamie and many more)
– upgraded myself from Casual to Full-Time at Dolphin Island which I was assigned to Reservations unknowingly which I enjoyed my job very much and changed my perspective of the call centre as a whole
– had the privilege to enjoy Dolphin island programs (Dolphin Trek, Dolphin Discovery and the Trainer for a Day) so that I could easily relate the programs to the guests on the phone when asked.
– the opportunity to host two groups of Japanese guests during the past 3 months of my service in Dolphin Island using Japanese as a medium of communication
– attended Halloween Horror Nights 3 as a guest with Jason, Yoke Jin, Alan and Trish instead of working for the event.
– attended June’s wedding which is also my first official friend’s invited wedding dinner with Shao Jun. Yan Ting & Elly were the sisters.
– sat for the JLPT N4 exam (hopefully I can do well LOL)
– overcame my fears and leaped off trees and climbing logs at the Forest Adventure in Bedok Reservoir Park with Shermaine
– finished my probation on the last day of 2013

I was blessed to have the following people that were added to my life other than my existing group of awesome friends in the year 2013 which I have so much to be thankful for :

加藤さん: I am so grateful that I got to meet her during my employment at Intercontinental Hotel Singapore before my Las Vegas trip and I thank her for her hospitality to show me around Tokyo as much as she could despite the limited time that I had in Japan.
いつもありがとうね 加藤さん!

罗拉 (Rolla Moggi): this was a Taiwanese guest that I met during my period of internship in USS and we were so just talking very random stuffs about Singapore and education. It was difficult to contact her somehow and I managed to do so with the help of LINE which I am so thankful for. She has been givin me great advices and a great friend to speak and ask for advices. She is like a big sister to me but she is always so humble and tells me not to call her 大姐. Rolla always have different kind of perspective which thinks differently than I do and I appreciate her advices very much.

Shermaine: a TP junior that is a Vet tech student which I have always wanted to find out how things are being done in her course in TP and all and I got to know so much animal health care knowledge from her with the conversations that we had. It is just amazing how we could click so well which brought us through many exciting and unexciting situations together.

Mana: this really 可愛い 彼女 that was my first 日本人友達 whom I got to know through Alvin during the PATA Valentine’s day event in school. I was really glad to have her as my friend and it was interesting that we had things to talk about! She was also my first friend that came and stayed over at my house!

Santhyaa (my roomie in Las Vegas): someone I have so much to be thankful for. Santhyaa was a blessing in disguise depsite the room changes last time. I was really glad that I had her as my room mate that we took care of each other (she took care of me the most) and I am very thankful for her.

Hafiez, Alfred, Ray, Camelia and Cordelia : for being great movie buddies in Las Vegas although I fell asleep in the cinema LOL.

Stacie, Tony, Gio, Diego, Paulina: these teenagers that I met them during my time in Las Vegas and San Diego which had big dreams and shared many things with me during my time in the States. Inspiring group of people!

There are so many people that I want to thank and there are endless to it.

Here I wish a great year ahead to all in the year 2014! :))

For the year 2013

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