I had a friend who asked me this question, “do you spend most of your time at work?” My answer was yes. So she told me that I should find ways to make myself happier since I spend most of my time at work if not it will be very hard if I do struggle.

I haven’t had very good times at work recently, due to politics and probably due to some negative influences. After some talk with some friends, it kinda opened up my mind – “hey, life is too short to be troubled or unhappy about. I should continue to be what I have been and be happy about everything.”

So I went to google on “ways to be happier” – and one of those that I saw was very interesting with scientific facts.

There was one – find things that you have done/happened to you throughout the day that you are grateful for. It struck me in such a way that I thought I should be be grateful and stop finding excuses for myself. I will constantly remind myself and remind myself to write 3 things that I am grateful for each day and I hope that this would be a great mental support be it at work or outside work.

This will start today.


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