The problematic guest

I do not have good things to share for today but I did enjoy myself at work.

I had a phone call with a guest that called me at 5.45pm and he talked to me on the phone for 42 minutes. (Thats the first time I talked on the phone for such a long time). He sounded like a Singaporean.

The guest started asking from Dolphin Observer to Dolphin Discovery, Dolphin Adventure, Dolphin Trek, Dolphin VIP,  Trainer for a day, Marine Life Park, SEA Aquarium, ACW and all its rides, ACW Annual Pass, RWS Invites etc etc.

He even probed why we did not have any more annual passes for aquarium as well as knowing the actual capacity for the ACW itself (which I am not supposed to say at all) and told me to go find out about it.

We were thinking that he might be an internal staff or mystery shopper who was assigned to evaluate our product knowledge. O.o

Despite that, I am grateful and happy that transfering from MLP Guest Services was helpful in dealing with such guests and with my extensive knowledge of Sentosa and the resort itself definitely helped a lot.

I hope I will be able to excel more and maximise my potential as much as I can because time waits for no one.

The problematic guest

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