The Single Most Annoying Trick People use To Get Your Attention

Thats why I believe in writing to make a difference to the world and start small.

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woman-butt-fit What’s the single most annoying trick that people do to get your attention? Headlines like this one. Especially if they’re coupled with photos like this one, which, by the way, has nothing whatsoever to do with what I intend to write about. It’s just a woman’s butt, which is the most surefire way to get people to click on a link. Especially connected with declarations and promises.

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The Single Most Annoying Trick People use To Get Your Attention

Just a little courage


While waiting for Jacq to go home together just now, I spotted this young Japanese couple in RWS Starbucks. They were going through their Japanese tourist guide book to find out on places to explore in Singapore for the next day.

After observing them for a while, as well as having the strong urge to share with  them about Singapore, after much hesitation, I took some courage and went up to them with by starting “すみません, シンガポールにどこで行ったことがありますか?” [literally means Where have you experienced in Singapore]. With that we started talking about places to go, they asked me what are the local food that I would recommend, and I pointed out those common Singapore delicacies.

It was really interesting to share about one’s country with their tourists as I Believe this is what travelling means as a whole.

Aside from the recommendations, we had some small talks and I started introducing myself. It was heartwarming to see that they reciprocate to the gesture I offered. That is why I has always believing in helping people when in need and especially in areas like this – recommending places and all.

One of my personal goals was to be able to maintain a conversation in the Japanese Language. My level of proficiency was just alright that I am just able to do small talks. But I believe that as long as the other party understands the content of the conversation, it will be good. But of course it will be even better with correct grammer and sentence structure. 😉

The Japanese girl told me that it was heartwarming to know that were locals that know how to speak their language despite the abundance of English signboards around the country.    

This is also one of the reasons that I push myself to learn foreign languages so that I can provide good hospitality to the visitors that come to Singapore as well as my guests that I provide my service to.
Cheers to all fellow survivors of the Hospitality industry and we will all make it big in each of our own ways as long as you believe in what you do and you will do great in it!

Just a little courage