Seeking the Light

I attended the Lightseeker RWS Kids Date last Monday (17 Mar). It was something meaningful and I am glad that I was being able to volunteer for the event.

RWS Kids Date is an initiative by the RWS Communications department as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility program. 

This is my second time volunteering for the kids date and last year I participated in the Gift giving for the Christmas event for granting a wish to the children with financial difficulties that were from the CDCs. I granted a wish for the girl that wanted a Hunger Games story book.

Gift giving

The event on Monday invited children from various Volunteering Welfare Organisations (VWOs). I was attached to guide RBC with two other fellow TM – Kevin from LCA and Abby from Casino Surveillance.  In my group we had some children in wheelchair and a few who had walking difficulties. I got a slight chance to interact with the children and found out that despite their disabilities, I felt they were all very strong and positive. The teachers and parents were all very patient with them and I feel that it takes a lot of courage and patience to take care of them.  There were also other volunteers from schools and individuals as well.

In my opinion, the Lightseeker musical show was a very good show with a good storyline. The lead singers were great and everyone in the audience (especially the children) enjoyed it very much as they cheered loudly after the intermission. The acrobats were really good and I still enjoyed it (this was my second time for Lightseeker). Lightseeker is ending on 23rd so go catch it before it ends!👍

Yeah so after the show, we had a backstage tour for the show that we had the entertainment team to bring us around their backstage by introducing us to various things in the backstage. It was a really interesting tour as I got to find out more about how things are done in a theatre – such as how the stage lift looks like or being done for major concers and theatrical shows. Also, after working in RWS for 4 years never did I know that there was a B4 in the resort!😨😨😨

Yeah so I had two good companions and fellow volunteer buddies that we got a photo together before we parted!


Seeking the Light

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