If I could turn back the clock

Probably I am too tired and starting to get reflective in this time of the night. At times like this I really wish I were back in school. I did not have to report to anyone (other than my parents); I will not have this much commitments (other than going to work, saving up and looking forward for the trip to Las Vegas); I will not need to bother about so many things; I would have proper life and be able to have a lot of free time to do whatever I want to.

On one of my recent off days, I felt that it was a luxury being able to do what ever I wanted to do. Like getting a cup of coffee at McDonald’s, enjoying the music and revising my Japanese test at the same time.


Of course, being at work has its perks – you have a stable income, you will be able to buy whatever you want, to travel, what nots. But you will have to face the shxt that is happening everywhere.

I really regret of having the thinking that “how I wish I can be out of school asap. Omg school is a bitxh, giving me sleepless nights because of assignments and projects etc. I want to go out and work because I want to earn my dollars and do whatever I want”.

A piece of advice to aspiring graduating students out there – Please enjoy school as much as you can and cherish the time that you have in school cos you will only have it once and live it.

Just my two cents worth.

If I could turn back the clock

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